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A Duck Secret

by The 5 Musketeers


Default Avatar MistaTeas

A solution to the problem of an annoying friend is to "Just kill him." No worries, then. My favourite part of this was the POV shots in Bunnings and the putting together of the murder kit. I could have just about watched the entire film from that perspective as it reminded me of Gorillas Film "The Package" a few years back. Equal favourite though was the excellent match cut you pulled off - so good! Good humour too with the mask selection scene. So, a lot of strengths but what we probably needed was to find out more about the characters and why the victim, in particular, was so despised. The murder/fight scenes needed richer sound FX too to really sell it to the audience. I wanted to wince and really feel those axe strikes. I think this team is nearly there so one to watch next year.

The Bunnings scene was just beautiful. A little messy in the edit when not in POV, as already mentioned I reckon this would have been super solid if it was perhaps POV the entire time.

Love the set up, if they’re so annoying, just kill them. Ok sure. The incognito mode joke was great. The duck mask was hilarious Great blood effects. Great murderous rampage And finally the non moral of the story. Good fun

Did you guys have a duck in your film last year? Clearly the duck is what makes this film so memorable, and its a great costume and a pretty good premise for a murder mystery I do think ending it with narration saying you don't know what the moral to the story is, is a little bit of a cheat. If you work out the message of your story, you'll have an easier job giving it a more definitive of an ending. TITLE REVIEW: A Duck Secret is hilarious.

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