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Circle Circuit

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Default Avatar MistaTeas

A group of flat mates take a bad trip? Anyway they build a time-machine. Is this the one where they all appeared to be getting high? This actually had a really awesome looking start and then kind of dropped. The laugh track I didn't get. Certainly interesting...

Your spinning effect was pretty neat. Some good moments with the conversation about time travel, I really enjoyed the last scene I thought it was very clever. The shot set up was a little messy, would have been good if every character was framed the same to have some consistency.

Good use of stock footage. Fun concept. I didn’t understand the laugh track Was the circle thing from that 70s show? Curb your Enthusiasm music? Weeeerid. I liked that they got paranoid

A lot of ideas in this film, but I'm not sure any were fully fleshed out. The concept of stoners time travelling is a great one though, but would have loved to have seen them actually travel to other eras, and seen what shenanigans they could get up to. TITLE REVIEW: Circle Circuit... Hmm because of the That 70's Show circle? and the Circuit? I mean, it works!

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

A well shot movie with a that 70 show vibe including the canned laughter, not sure if it really nailed the genre but not bad

I didn't like the style of most of the film with the brief shots with one person in them and the whole idea of building a time machine and going back too far didn't seem particularly original but then the final twist of it not happening at all was really good and bumped you from 3 to 4 star. Although given that there was no time travel did it really nail the genre? Creative subversion though.

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