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Gloria al Bravo Pueblo

by Dragon V Mouse


should i feel bad for laughing when the dude was crying?

what an interesting opener a comic style split screen.
this odd couple reminds me of"Focus" it's deceiving both the characters and the audience.

defintely a thrill ride for people that want to watch this.

Ending got me by surpise. I was too focused on the broken hearted man!

Great energy and pacing. Feels like a high stakes crime is going down. Great editing and performances

Set the tone really well with the split-screen, I thought for a second I was watching a 2019 Ultra film. Sad man in bathroom delivers such a great performance, I was concerned for a moment that the wedding was off.

Arghhhh...I want to like this kind of crime film but I find split screen heist/caper/people on a mission film sequences right up there with Edgar Wright quick cut montages; eye rolling and so over done. This is not to say this short is not well executed and by now you expect this from serial CHCH finalists, award winners (and Auckland based I guess) Dragon V Mouse. Nicely shot, well edited and acted and typically funny in places. The change in mission directive was funny albeit ridiculous and not unexpected as it had been foreshadowed earlier in the film; still really well done though.

I think a film which does get better on subsequent viewings. I just wish it had more of a point-of-difference from other tropey crime films.

Can now confirm - "Jessica Anne Stevenson why" was my favourite line from all of Chch this year <3

One day I hope to see who wins, the Dragon, or the Mouse?

What I liked:
A confidently directed idea from one of the most distinct voices in the comp. DvM have been really swinging for the fences in recent years by challenging themselves and what they're able to pull off - last time was a musical, this time it's an intricately edited heist movie that lives and dies on how effective it's edit is - and it was effective!

What I didn't like:
I think I understand sort of where Mr Teas is coming from - I think Ocean's 11 style heist movies are a touch overrepresented and the concept does feel familiar. I think in this case though, the story required that in order to subvert the idea.

Something else I liked:
I liked that Richard just walks back into the bathroom stall at the end as if he lives there. I also really liked how Aaron starts to scowl when watching Richard and Jess kiss - as if they're all just taking it too far.

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