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Blackheath Station



A really well shot film with lots of charm. Not a lot of story to hang onto though...looks like you all had a good time anyway!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

An older woman goes on a train trip for a holiday. Looks like she finds a speakeasy or was this a memory? Well used location, nice camerawork and some charming performances. Not a 100% on the story though.

what was this film about? also this was one of two films in 48hours this year to use electro swing music as period music. electro swing is modern music. very strange. solid top down overhead shot. good work taking on the period movie :)

Pretty top notch camera work, pretty effective performances.... but what was the story? It kind of feels like this story was a loose excuse to use the locations, costumes, music and have a big old dance with friends. It's a lot of fun, but I'm not sure its a short film. TITLE REVIEW: I quite like the sound of Blackheath Station, it has that "emotionally tied to a location" vibe of something like Brokeback Mountain.

I applaud your spirit for getting involved in this competition, presence of older females provides a welcome diversity. However it was very slight and no real hint of a story. There was the line of dialogue at the end which I didn't catch despite revisiting it about four or five times. That might have somehow tied everything together. You clearly had a blast making it but that doesn't really translate into a good time for the audience, it's more head scratching. Also double take appeared to be quadruple or quintuple. I was kind of on the fence between 2 and 3 stars, decided to go high (see first sentence for the reason).

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