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Space Battle

by Hornby Heroes


Default Avatar MistaTeas

A wise old wizard takes a young woman on a epic quest to find the one who killed the her mother. Loved the use of a sheet/pillow case as a beard. Good humour, committed acting and a sweet UFO illustration were my highlights. It was filmed at a school and it looked like it and this somewhat diminished the final product. Good fun though!

I also like Star Wars. some strong inside jokes comedy here. a lot of meta humour. the rocky montage set to a recorder version of the rocky theme was pretty funny. ‘you hired a furry’ also quite funny ‘we dont have the budget back off’ was the highlight for me. all in all pretty silly and cheap looking. but it looks like everyone involved had fun making it so well done :)

I can't remember exactly how this all went down but I do remember someone going 'are you dead' and the dead guy going 'yea' and I lost it. lots of fun here - those sticks you fought with brought me back to my childhood when I used those in all my home videos.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

I liked the montage music played on the recorder, you know breaking the forth wall was only required for ultra right ? some funny references but relied heavily on people understanding this to tell your story

I didn't fully understand this film until re-watching it in the heats, and it definitely improved. Probably one of the most pure and honest "made by kids" films I've seen in the competition this year, it felt less like we were watching a movie and more like watching you all hanging out and playing make-believe during lunch time, and I mean that in a good way. This is the kind of sense of humour which, in this competition, could take years to grow and develop, but when it does, and when it's backed up by higher production values, could make this team a regular finalist.. But for that to happen, you can't put licensed music in your film! Even if it is played on a recorder. TITLE REVIEW: Space Battle. Of course, what else?

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