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Boogie Buddies

by High Water Mark


Default Avatar LaChocolatier

Clever song! Some really funny moments :) Guy at the end had a great voice. Loved how he held it and then brought it up.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Another never know what to expect film from this team, enjoyable funny and good edit. If reading the song from scripts could have been avoided it would have helped

This was hilarious. I love it when teams don't get musical but do musical anyway. An overall simple story, totally gross, your reading the lyrics off the paper and out of time was just hilarious. It was a bit under exposed at some points, hard to see what was happening (I know a majority of the film was up someones nose but even then you still gotta make sure it's well lit). Very silly, but very enjoyable, nice job.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Quite simply, this is about the relationship between a booger and a nose. Done to music. Some good singing and shots up the nose. Plenty of green. Madness.

Default Avatar nshady

I get the feeling you were caught a bit off-guard by the musical prompt this year, but full credit for giving it your best anyway. It's a tough prompt and you did what you could. I didn't really get much from this unfortunately, but hopefully in future years you'll find yourself in a better position to harness that obvious creativity and enthusiasm in a more usable genre!

there’s something about Bogey humour that really turns my stomach. I’ll try keep that out of my reviewing. quite a fun take on the genre. very disgusting. Love that you guys made a musical when you didn’t have to. A+++++ nice cameo from a familiar face :D some impressive effects work too.

Hahaha, uhmmmm Yeah so if there was still a BEST BAD FILM AWARD, this would probably get it. And I mean this as a compliment. You get AJ's unofficial fever dream award this year. It was neck and neck with you guys and Foreign Objects, but at least I understood their film well enough. It wasn't until AFTER I'd seen this film a second time that I clicked that the characters are boogers inside a nose. Maybe the problem is because Shen plays both a booger and the owner of the nose? Anyway, put yourself in my shoes and imagine my reaction to this film, not understanding the story. So many questions. Why is everyone singing? What happened to the characters at the start? Why'd he sneeze out a person? This film is pure madness and leans so intensely into all the ways in which to make a bad movie that it almost comes back round again and becomes great. TITLE REVIEW: Boogie Buddies. Ahh. Of course. It was right in front of me the whole time.

I loved this when I saw it in the heat, now revisiting it as part of an endeavour to review every 2019 film in the screening room. It's interesting that some of the other reviews here seem a bit mismatched with their scores in a way that actually hurts your overall rating (as in if I just saw the reviews and had to guess what star rating the reviewers had given it I would guess higher than what was the case). Optional musicals are generally interesting and ballsy and it was definitely the case here, I get the feeling you wanted to do a musical with whatever genre you landed. Really inventive premise and subversive take on the buddy genre. Kind of reminds me of one of the segments in Woody Allen's Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask. The characters are sperm who are trying to avoid being ejaculated out. I think it's unlikely you have seen this film so it's probably a coincidental similarity. Not sure how AJ managed to miss the point, it was pretty clear to me. A minor quibble is that I find subtitles distracting when I can clearly understand what's being said (or sung in this case). Another thing you did really well was to cram enough into the minimal running time. Often when films are this short there's not enough time to develop anything but you managed to include plenty here.

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