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by Christchurch On Air


Default Avatar MistaTeas

As a restorative measure for killing a man's father while drink-driving, our lead most do gardening and other jobs at the victim's house. CHCH On Air always makes thoughtful, well-planned films for this competition. While "Closure" is a tad slow paced they did great job building up the relationship between the two leads and as a result creating a possible misdirection with the audience. Some nice touches of humour but it was a shame that some of the audience laughed during the serious bits! As usual, good job!

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

The twist at the end didn't really fit with the genre and at times the volume of the voice seemed unnatural, there was some good character development in the movie and it shot were good although they could have been more dynamic

Default Avatar hannab123

Really nice opening shot and some great dialogue, was a little slow at times but I thought it was great overall

Real solid effort here guys. You had me fooled with that twist at the end which shows the development of the characters relationship was well thought out. It probably could have been a little tighter in the edit overall just to keep the pace up.

Interesting concept, and the film has my respect for taking on something so serious. all in all though I don’t the team quite stuck the landing. It’s a real uphill battle to present something so serious in the context of 48hours. Great use of the top down shot!

I feel like this movie is two very different ideas stitched together. A redemption story about a guy making up for the crimes of his past is one thing, and a schlocky long game revenge story is something completely different. As a result I think the ending undermines the rest of the film and leaves the audience with a somewhat disturbing message about morality and revenge. To be clear, if the film had started out a little more stylistic and a little more clear with its intentions, I think the ending could have worked, but as it stands it kinda feels like someone came up with the first half of the story, and couldn't think of an ending and then someone with a very different storytelling agenda came up with the ending. Both parts are effective, but I don't know if they work together. Still, good work with the technical side, and the actors give decent performances. TITLE REVIEW: Closure could be a double meaning for both characters? But again, I feel like it's more suited to the first part of the film.

I think I feel almost the exact way as AJ. The way the story was headed was a natural fit with the genre, seemed like the guy who had got out of prison was looking for a measure of redemption and there seemed to be a level of bonding after the victim was predictably hostile at first. Then the final twist changed everything, turning it into a revenge drama and making it dubious at best as an opposites attract movie although it's possible you had taken the story so far and couldn't think of a way to satisfactorily wrap it up. As a touching redemption story it would have been 5 star but the ending shot it in my opinion.

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