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Birdy Nom Nom

by Inclusive Performance Academy

As four flatmates settle into their new home, an unexpected visitor ruffles some feathers.


Absolutely sensational film. Excellent pacing, fantastic cast. Everyone playing to their strengths. Loved the idea and the puppet character was spot on!

Really impressive stuff from this team. One of the most charming of the night. Great editing, great commitment from the performers, and I'm always a sucker for puppet movies. I look forward to seeing more films from this team!

A solid short film that while a little rough in places went down really well with the audience at the screening. Well acted and has some genuine albeit random funny moments like the pool cleaning scene. Never really a fan of puppets in films myself but a clever way to deal with this genre. Nice work.

A structurally impressive film that slowly gets more surreal as it goes on, adhering to the absurdity curve with impressive tenacity.
The film has an enchanting "slice of life" quality which takes the perfect amount of time to define each character, while still leading the audience along with a strong narrative drive.

I was also very impressed with the technical elements; both camera work and audio were up to a really high standard.

What I liked:
A simple but really well-told and really funny story. Loved the recurring gag of the characters not wanting to move house again, it added some nice context and stakes. Structurally really solid, and keeps you guessing as to what could be happening next. I really liked when the neighbours are leaving and they see the to-be-revealed rat in the window. Great piece of foreshadowing.

What I didn't like:
Going forward I think it'd be cool to see this team invest in upscaling their tech specs, the storytelling skills are already there, so the only way up is to focus on making your cinematography pop.

Something else I liked:
The performances are so good. I loved how each of the flatmates had their own distinct personalities and ideas, really well directed and acted. Super funny but also convincing and authentic.

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