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Promotion Road

by Foreign Objects


Fantastic, really leaned into the gross factor, and got a lot of laughs from it I got a bit confused about the plot at the start I really liked the bloopers at the end

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Funniest movie of the night a tighter edit would helped and sound levels very loud at points, overall i loved it

oh my god that shot of the guy throwing up under the legs of the other guy went on for so damn long oh my goooodddd The technical quality of the film was a little off but putting that aside I loved this so much and I was surprised at how well it ended, that nasty kid setting them all up like that, really really good. You guys got some real skill, next year if you can improve on your sound mix and tighten up some of those shots you could make something outstanding.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

In an effort to gain promotion, three employees have dinner with their boss. Foreign Objects have a history of making odd 48HOUR shorts and in many ways this film is more restrained and has a clear, coherent story. However, it also has a prolonged scene of chunky brown diarrhoea and equally chunky, vomit. It's so realistic you can almost smell it. Nailed the gross out part 100% - it'll have you dry retching in your seat. And, I think the best film they've made in the comp.

Default Avatar nshady

I think you lucked into a good genre here which let you lean into your own unique stylings. I laughed throughout the gross out and thought you did an admirable job of going all in on a potentially restrictive set of prompts. One suggestion going forward is to keep an eye on your references - trust in yourself and leave the GoT/super easy nods at the door. Good luck!

I don’t think there’s ever been a more perfect blend of Team and Genre than ‘Foreign Objects’ and ‘Cringe/Gross out Comedy’ I loved every minute of it that i saw through my fingers

It took me a couple of watches to full understand the situation, I didn't pick up on the whole "boss invites everyone around" thing initially. Not that any of that matters, because clearly this film's strength is in how disgusting it is. As the person responsible for suggesting Gross Out as a genre this year, this film is exactly what I had in mind. I laughed so hard, and I loved how effective it was, with the whole audience in hysterics/gagging. The zenith of Gross Out is seeing someone vomit on someone else's shit. Fuck dude. So gross. So good. The story structure, while nothing revolutionary, was still really effective here, and I think this shows that Foreign Objects have a good grasp on how to tell a story, whether their production value catches up to them or not. You guys look like you have so much fun making 48hour films, please never stop. TITLE REVIEW: Promotion Road seems a little innocuous for such a visceral film, but maybe that's the point? Lull us into a false sense of security?

Another strong film from Foreign Objects, you guys have a consistent style and it's always a joy to see you push creative boundaries. As another commenter has already pointed out - a guy vomiting into another dude's excrement (and the scene being excruciatingly long for both actors and audience) is peak gross out. This goes close to eclipsing FO's magnum opus "Wonderbread" for sure

Wow that was disgusting, well done! The deadpan delivery of “One more day of pretending to care about the environment.” was hilarious. As other reviewers have mentioned, the editing is not as sophisticated as the storytelling (and absolute nailing of the genre!) but it was so funny and so gross it hardly matters. It was a nice touch adding the bloopers at the end.

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