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I'm Gonna

by 1 1 Creative 196 views


Default Avatar Colour purple

Simple, good layout and complete. This film was funny and easy to view. Created a cute story that was well shot and edited. My favourite from the heat

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A couple of boys imagine what they'll get and do when they are grown-ups. Nicely shot, edited and acted this was short and too the point. Good humour too which went over really well with the audience. Is there much of a story? It's really just a series of skits but I guess that is its magic. CHCH FINALS EDIT: Played well, plenty of laughs, did raise questions over if the story spans 10-years or is just two bookends - the kids at one end and then as adults 10 years later with nothing inbetween.

Well done love the story line. The kids where great.

What I liked: -The way the boys captured their youth. Fizzy, excess lollies, fun! What I wanted more of: -I felt the ending was a bit of a cop out, I was curious to see what the boys thought their jobs would be, like designing toys or playing music on a giant keyboard with their boss, or fighting aliens on a distant planet with mini-guns. I wasn't sure if this was still part of their imagination or a flash forward to them as adults, driving a car and all. (Was this the car they wanted? Sorry, I couldn't remember) Looks like you guys had fun eating the sweet stuff! Fun times. Well done for creating something in 48hours.

I really really liked this one you guys have some great skills. Well shot, real slick editing, ended a little sooner than I would have liked cause I was really enjoying it.

I like this film a lot, good concept that played out for just the right amount of time, (so it was a great fit for a 5minutes short film) It’s a strong simple concept done well.

Default Avatar Ruby Archer

Hilarious, nostalgic and very entertaining to watch. Overall excellently produced with an awesome vision.

Disappointed the team didn’t live up to its name and produce a 1:1 film. Nah jks this film was a great time. A neat story very well executed. What more can I say? Well not too much cause I still have a bunch more reviews to write..

I don't have too much to say other than that I still cannot believe this film was done in 48 hours. True to the theme, it feels as though it spans decades. It's one to remember.

Default Avatar Kawiti Naitoro

Did you do ultra? If you didn't I bet you wish you did. Really nice film - complimented with a great soundtrack. I thought the children acting were great.

I have a real soft spot for this film. Knowing nothing about you guys at 1:1 Creative, it really took me by surprise. Every element of this film is fantastic, the editing, the camerawork, the acting, the narrative. It's all here, and in a lot of ways it sets a great example of what a 48hour film should look and feel like when every base of filmmaking is covered. It's a shame the art direction award is absent this year too, because this film looked gorgeous with it's vibrant colours, especially in the candy scene- from the giant lollipops, to the rainbow strips, to even the choice of flavours for the soda, it all really makes the film pop and plays into the childlike glee that it's presenting. The kids do a great job as well, they're young enough for their naivety to be realistic (this is a weird thing to point out, but the old 'age inappropriate casting' problem can sometimes go the other way too). Their grown up counterparts really sell the show, with their actions and attitudes being very clearly children in adult bodies. It's funny that "I'm Gonna" and "Hero" were the two opening films of the night as well, because both are child centric non-Ultras which use voice over as their narrative and end on a twist that the people presented on screen aren't the people who've been talking the entire time (that's if I interpreted the ending to this one correctly). This film was the most wonderfully simple and clever idea which really did a great job of kicking off the finals night. Congratulations to the team as well for being the only first time finalists out of the whole 15! Let's hope we see you there next year. As for your title, "I'm Gonna" is perfect.

This film was fantastic. The edit and direction was top notch. The pairing of the voiceovers to the adult acting was so well done. The concept and idea was super well done and executed. I loved the humour. One of the best things I liked about this film was the pacing. Im not sure what the actual run time was but it felt like it was definitely less than the full 5 minutes. If so, this film is perfect example of how to edit your film to the best pace for your concept and not just filling up 5 minutes because you can. Any longer and the gags may have started to drag and any shorter it might have felt light. So well done on a well shot, written and edited punchy comedy.

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