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The Clock Is Ticking

by Team bed time


The beginning of this film was perfect, such a brilliant take off into the problem of the bomb. Sadly, seemed it fell apart after that, the unhelpful characters just weren't moving the story forward - in particular the cross dressing instagram star was quite frustrating. Too many characters creating too much of a distraction from your best character which was the main guy. Still, the bomb exploding at the end was pretty funny.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

An ice-cream eating dude accidentally triggers a bomb that he is forced to defuse. I agree 100% with Joel above - this started awesomely! It could have all been based around the main character and the troubles he now faces. The other characters that chimed in typically were just annoying and most of what they said, redundant. A heap of potential with this film but it didn't quite land.

Default Avatar canaryinthecoalmine

This film did have potential, though it left that behind pretty quickly. The script appeared non existent and the other characters were surplus to requirement. I really did like the party-popper explosion at the end, that was inventive. It was a bit of a hot mess, but I hope you enjoyed making it and that it gives you motivation to tighten the ship next year.

I dont really have anything constructive to add sorry. Didn’t stick the landing. The live stream effect was well done though.

This film felt like it had a lot of jokes which were probably hilarious for the cast and crew, but I don't know if they translated to film. While I'm left with a lot of questions about the plot, I'm sure that was the intention- I don't need to go digging into why there was a bomb there anyway. I think there was a lack of focus with this story, and I would have liked to have seen it go to more interesting places than "Here comes another wacky character!" TITLE REVIEW: Your title is a little rudimentary no? I'm sure there's something more creative.

I enjoyed this movie somewhat but I guess it was on a somewhat surface level. The elbow pads on that guy's hoodie are hilarious. All the jokes about Britney were... interesting. The double take, while being so far the most obtrusive I have seen in any film, was HILARIOUS. I really enjoyed the slurriness of the first two characters, and as others have supposed, it could've perhaps taken on a Spud from Trainspotting kinda vibe. I feel like I need to give recognition to your VFX because that was certainly probably harder than anyone gives you credit for. That said, the clock ticking felt like a bit of a... cop out, somewhat, despite the film actually conforming to the prompt.

Loved the opening. Ice cream randomly setting off a bomb in the middle of the pathway was hilarious. This great premise in itself was enough to propel so many comedic possibilities for writing. (See TBALCs Down to the wire from 2016.) Great acting by the lead. The story felt like this perhaps suffered from a writing process where you had X number of actors in the team and you wrote a story for your actors rather than used the actors needed for your best story. Apologies if thats not the case. Either way the side characters didn't add anything to this story other than stretching out the time and introducing a new side plot of a stalker for the live streamer. Impressive live streamer animations btw. Loved that! And again Great lead actor and opening premise to the film.

As others have implied there was something solid here that you didn't really know where to go with. Definitely nailed the genre, I've seen some attempts at this one that are questionable in terms of fitting the requirement. The ending was slightly surprising, I was expecting a cliché defuse the bomb in the last second. The secondary characters were a bit of a mess, particularly the gender bending one who was every stereotype in the book for this type of person. The comment underneath the film in the screening room saw something of David Lynch in here, don't see it myself and given the youth of the cast it's quite likely they don't even know who David Lynch is (but could be wrong, would be surprising if there was any inspiration from Lynch in any case).

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