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Crumbling City, Tumbling Minds

by Abberyne 58 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

Under the shadow of a broken city, two people from different backgrounds met at a bus stop. Stuff happens. Very, very abstract in nature and in fact there's a term for this type of film - Arthouse Wank. Out of all the school entries this year, Abberyne's is by far the most cinematic with some nice compositions and thoughtful editing. Speaking with the team, the also created an original soundtrack so really put some effort in beyond the normal school entry. Loved the bus stop match cut and your actors also did a fine job. Thomas Julian has such an interesting look that people should be lining him up for their projects. You have to say that this was a mature effort, that made deliberate, stylistic choices. I did think some of the audio, cars in particular, was too loud and assaulted rather than enhanced the film. You also committed the 48HR sin of inadvertently leaving off-screen direction in the finished film. Oh, well. Be interesting to see how this does in the big picture of school entries - it's certainly not one of the "feel-good" shorts but that's what makes it stand-out.

A very nice looking film with some audio issues, an interesting premise, but sadly not a lot of payoff. I left a little confused as to the story itself, and didn’t quite see the ten year time span. Definitely a team I hope to see competing in the future.

Strong start here but tapered off a fair bit by the end, mainly due to not being able to hear things very well I'd say, I reckon you guys probably knew exactly what was going on, it's a common trap especially when you only have 5 minutes to get the story across to fill in the blanks yourself and forget that audience doesn't have those blanks to work with. You guys have heaps of potential so keep it up!

Lots of ambition on this team, and I absolutely loved the the opening scene in the dark bus stop, and some great camerawork with the puddles, lots of atmosphere here, even though I wasn't sure what was going on. This extended to the rest of the film where whatever story there was, was fairly unclear for the audience, not sure how this fit the genre. I think if you guys were to employ a really good story for next year, combined with such crisp camerawork, you could really go far. As for your title, "Crumbling City, Tumbling Minds" is a touch too dramatic for me, something MistaTeas indicated as well. I think this could be indicative of another small issue you guys have, don't be afraid to take your story a little less seriously :)

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