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Catman and Robyn

by South Jersey Ghost Research


This was so great, so so great. The set up was really clever, there were great moments the whole way through, and such a satisfying ending! Is there any chance the weirdness could have been pushed further? Perhaps if he went to the vet or something...we can only imagine now I guess Well shot, clean sound mix, high quality all round.

Default Avatar canaryinthecoalmine

Really sweet story, with a satisfying ending. I really enjoyed the take on the Secret Identity genre, where a case of mistaken identity becomes the secret. Editing was great, a lovely upbeat soundtrack, and super solid performances from both actors. This film feels really completed - a simple but engaging story that runs a natural course and ends appropriately. It is everything that a short film should be. Super inventive title too, given the amount of comic book characters we identify with secret identities. Really enjoyed the double entendre with the title at the start of the credits also. Deserves City Final for sure.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Good humour in this as all the cat day-to-days are established. The heart strings are also pulled at the end which the audience loved. Nicely shot & edited and this is once more a polished piece from SJGR. If you buy into this story as a plausible situation, you'll love it, The dark side of me would have liked more sinister motives from the old lady and/or a bit more tension around Catman's departure. Hard to fault and should be in the finals.

Excellent concept and nicely executed. From the moment the premise for this story was under way you knew that hilarity would ensue. I had a really good time watching this and laughed a lot. The lead actors did a great job and there were a lot of nice shots throughout. The sweet ending rounded it off really nicely too. I did personally find it was hard to see that the drunk guy at the start was actually in a cat onesie and once he woke in the morning and started drinking milk I was confused for awhile wondering if this guy was just a drunk guy in a costume or ACTUALLY a cat. The things he was apologising for on the phone to friends could all have been either drunk guy behaviour or cat behaviour "ie peeing on the couch". But maybe this was the point. And if so thats awesome. Definitely had me intrigued for the first half the film wondering "is he an actual cat?" Top work by SJGR and expect to see them in the finals.

Cute simple idea. Done well. Fresh take on the genre too. (Proof that the dud genres can be turned around by the good teams) Between the performances and writing the gags in this film live up to the concept and deliver a good time for all. Really the only way to fault it is to ask that it could have gone further, or developed into unexpected places? But then considering they want us making 5minute films then this film nails the balance between runtime and style. So with that said, my key point that this feels more like a sketch than a short film. Charming and fun sketch none the less. City finals bound for sure.

Default Avatar nshady

I really enjoyed this, team. A lot of the films this year either shied away from or failed at telling a complete narrative arc, but yours neatly and sweetly tells a whole story. You take a potentially silly premise and carefully toe the line of farce to make something more wholesome. In the context of so many bizarro or outrageous films, this was a breath of fresh air. Nice performances, well made - glad to see it at the finals!

This is a really sweet and simple film with a nice story and some really good performances. It's a very on-brand follow-up to CUSHY: A PULL STORY, it's even shot pretty similarly, and the concepts feel like they'd come from the same storytelling mind. This is an easy film to like, it isn't groundbreaking or anything but there's a quirky wholesomeness which you don't see very often in 48Hours anymore. It's almost a throwback to the type of films that would crop up often in ~2010. My favourite bit is the stern look Robyn gives Catman as he's about to know the vase off the table. I've been given that look before. Congratulations on winning the Overhead shot too! When it came down to deliberation, we all felt this shot was a really beautiful snapshot/symbol for the film. If I were to give you any advice going ahead, I'd say I'd like to see something with higher stakes next time. But maybe you're just a low key kinda team, and there is absolutely a place for that in the competition. TITLE REVIEW: A great pun, and a great twist on it as the credits roll.

Default Avatar JoshuaMartian

Not many 48hour films go for heartwarming and even fewer succeed with aplomb! Endearing performances help elevate a simple, silly premise into a great short.

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