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The First Date

by The Quizzical Chimpanzees 228 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

A teen has problems being late to class and making a good impression on a date. Fortunately, he's stuck in a groundhog day where he can change things. Good little story that mostly plays out well and delivers a nice message at its end. My main gripe is with the empty looking classroom - always an issue when filming at school on the weekend. Your audio was a bit patchy in parts but maybe not all your fault. A complete narrative managed here so good job!

Groundhog day strikes at just the right time for our lead actor! Although somewhat cliche, a strong beginning, middle and end to the film. Audio definitely an issue, if all else fails just blame the sound guy! (my team does the same)

*sigh* if only I could also go back and redo a few of the silly decisions I made in high school :') Cute little story, overall solid performances from all your actors. Maybe it's just my love for edgar wright, but I reckon you guys could have benefited with some sort of montage, suggesting that maybe it took him more than 3 times to get it right, montages are a great way for showing passing of time without lingering on details too much. Well done guys.

A clear understanding the basic storytelling foundations in this team, with a really solid character arc and relatable motivations for the characters. That being said, I do wonder if there was a more interesting way you could have utilized time travel to tell the story- maybe he could have actually traveled back somehow instead of inexplicably being stuck in a time loop? I did feel the lead was a touch too naive at times, it seems weird that on his second or third redo of the date that he'd make such bonehead decisions. A bit too much of a strawman. As for your title, I actually hadn't thought about it until now, but "The First Date" is actually a great title for this film, as it really isn't what you'd expect from the outset, and we'd all love the chance to redo a first date that went bad- so in that area the title, and the film as well, actually deals with a great little relatable fantasy.

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