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A helping hand

by Meme Teme


Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Cleverly named and some funny moments at times all sound was removed complete which sounds strange in the cinema at other times it sounded unnatural in terms of direction and volume overall an enjoyable story that was well shot

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A young woman's car has broken down and when the guy who helps also has a breakdown they are forced to seek help at a sinister looking farm. Yeah, the sound is a bit off in this, with some missing and the general lack of atmosphere doesn't hep with the mood you were trying to create. There were some highlights. The windmill shots are cool and there was some clever work done with the branding on the car. Speaking with the team they had a number of issues over the weekend with cast and crew availability, and even real vehicular problems as I recall. Meme Teme are quite experienced in this competition and have plenty of skills so will be back to smash it in the future. Bit rich to blame your former teacher of 2016 again though.

You had some really good moments in this film. My favourite part was that crow bar joke, but not just the joke also how you used that to then introduce the crow bar again later. I can't remember the audio issues but I do remember feeling like there was some shots that went on too long, and some shots that should have been there but weren't (eg. The old lady getting attacked wasn't there, seeing that would have helped a lot I think). Nice little gag at the end with their escape car breaking down like the other cars.

Fun film, decent story that was easy to follow. Couple of good tongue in cheek jokes. Good set up and pay off with the crow bar. That’s a rare attention to detail for a 48hours film.

There's a great sense of humour in this movie. Story was easy to follow, but I am left with a few questions about the nature of the hand farmer. Hahha. Technically the film is a bit of a mess. Had there been a bit more devotion to the craft (and you'd handed in on time), I could see something like this going further in the competition. TITLE REVIEW: Great.

Rather novel getting to see my hometown on film. You just didn't quite convince people. The film is what it is, and on the whole there seems to be a complete lack of character motivation, of consistency, though the attempt to weave the jokes into the narrative is excellent writing and the beginning of something brilliant. What I mean by 'failed to convince' is that, as AJ so valiantly notes, it seems to neglect the craft -- little attention paid to cinematographic nuances, emphasis of sound, or tailoring of soundtrack. When you really break it down, that is how your story is told. People talk about the story as being the most important thing in your film, but film, like the camera, is a machine. A sum of its parts, there truly is no story without the art of telling it.

A bit of an odd mishmash, get from the other reviews you had a few complications so it is what it is I guess. Some intrigue there but I kind of like my questions answered. What was the story with the severed limbs? Also that discovery made the arm and leg joke earlier quite random. I see there is a better film trapped inside this, maybe you could work on it without the time pressures of the 48 hr weekend.

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