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Pop goes the Weasel

by Cobra Mongoose Entertainment


Default Avatar Colour purple

I'm sorry not a fan. It was creepy but the acting held it back. The chain saw needed to be running more while in shot. It needed more in the story. You told us not showed us.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Three woman torture a man in order to extract a rape confession. Nicely lit, well edited and good audio. A bit of a stretch to say this is a musical though with the the man singing nursery rhymes before and after being tortured much to the frustration of his accusers. Creepy and intense but needed to be more of a "Sweeney Todd" than a talky, chainsaw massacre.

What I liked: -Cool location -Dedication to characters -They were not afraid to push the boundaries -Nice effect using the chainsaw and shadow. -Guts What I wanted more of: I did feel at the start there was a cop out as the chainsaw appeared to be making noises but wasn't turning, but then later it was running quickly, so I was happy again. Personally I used an electric chainsaw so it only made noises when I was actually using it. -I was surprised to see that it was a musical- tough genre to pull off, but as mentioned above, the nursery rhymes did add mainly to the creepiness!

Unsure how I felt about this one, was pretty heavy to say the least. Wouldn't consider it enough to be in the musical genre, as you could have said it's just a splatstick** movie and would have made more sense. Committed acting was good however especially from the lady holding the chainsaw. EDIT: **My mistake, it was monster movie, that actually does help it all make a little more sense.

While I appreciate the creative solution to getting thrown the musical genre, I really wish you’d chosen some other subject matter, or at least gone about it in a more tasteful way. Similarly to Heat 6’s “Speak Up”, this film inadvertently is sending the complete wrong message, by having your main characters aggressively getting revenge on the subject. While you had a great monster in the chair, you also had three female monsters surrounding him, and I don’t assume that was your intention. I also thought the whole “admit what you’ve done or I’ll cut you up” business got pretty repetitive and dull after a while, and the story never really progressed or had much rising tension. Perhaps the story would’ve benfitted had it been focused more on the three women freaking out about the situation and trying to find a solution, building up that tension that possibly it ends with the man accidentally getting killed, That way the man still gets his poetic justice without the film sending an unwarranted aggressive message.

Impressive production value and acting; came across almost exactly like professional-level television. Narratively speaking nothing was held back, but I did feel the slimey tentacles of television-budget-restrictions grasping at this film's cinematography. I was repelled and attracted simultaneously. Oh god, should I even say that?

Default Avatar Kawiti Naitoro

Were we meant to think the monsters were the girls who brutalized that man? I'm not sure. I liked your lighting and I thought the intestines looked pretty disgusting which had the desired effect(?) I think your film caters to a very niche crowd.

A lot of really really quality stuff in this film. Great way to technically be a musical without really any music. As others have pointed out, the chainsaw clearly not actually going in most of the shots was glaringly obvious. If you were worried about safety, I would have filmed around it because having the sound was a great atmospheric addition but it was completely undermined. Camera work is very nice too, the close up of the 'monster' with his bloodied mouth was very cinematic. The story I think is where this film is let down, we start off in an intriguing place, but I wish the story had gone to more gripping places. I guess because we start with the bad guy already captured, that would have been difficult. As for your title, "Pop Goes the Weasel" is effective and creepy.

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