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Persecution Complex

by The Ara-K-O's


Default Avatar MistaTeas

I'm a little confused as to what this was about. From my notes a guy is getting left strange notes - potentially from himself? Nice time-lapse and I enjoyed the limited use of dialogue which was well-handled by the lead actor. Hopefully you'll add a synopsis so I can clear up my understanding as I really need to watch it again.

I'm probably a little biased here :P but I did really enjoy what you guys were able to put together. Talking to you guys after the heat helped me understand a bit better what was going on, it's pretty obvious the biggest thing which I reckon would have helped the story make sense is if you got a close up of the guy sitting on the floor, revealing that what he was drawing was the same symbol as that of the lead. With that in mind, I think you guys did a great job.

Default Avatar Clairebear

Really enjoyed this film. It was left up to your imagination as to why they man was going insane and the many ideas and theories that I heard from different people were all amazing and interesting in their own right. Great cinematography and left me wanting to know more. Well done.

The ending was a little disappointing as it seemed we'd just concluded 10 years and the guy remains mad, and maybe I missed something but that powerful symbol he was drawing had a plot twist waiting somewhere......However, overall, I enjoyed the premise of something driving our character to insanity, and some generally nice photography kept us engaged.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

A well shot film with no audio or sound issues that perhaps could have improved the story. We start with an OCD guy who is marking off calendar days who then given the genre looks to be receiving a message from the future, the film then pivots in to a conspiracy theory movie with the police style photos and connections with string and post its. To really hammer home a message of passing time we have a painful calendar crossing montage which makes you questions why the OCD crossing was there and why we are seeing this shot. The ending was the strong point of the film as a youngish man is taken in to a mental hospital, and is later walked by as an old man when a new patient arrives, again making me question what was the point of the calendar montage.

This team obviously have a really good handle on tone and atmosphere, and while I didn't quite follow the story as much as I wanted to, there is clearly a lot of thought and care put into whatever the story being told is. As for your title, I'm not really sure how "Persecution Complex" works into the story.

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