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The Fountain of Youth

by Mayodaze

An ancient farmhouse hides a mysterious power, but the price is deadly.


My favourite film out of Dunedin this year! Excellent cinematography made this a very pleasant watch, I especially liked the tasteful use of drone footage to establish the setting, and the wonderful watery reflection-shot transition. Bonus points for the original score, featuring alongside those classic horror-story beats. Hope your next film has credits!

The setting is established nicely and a well-timed little jump scare near the start gets the heart racing. Great location and the look of this film overall is top-notch. An effective sound design adds to the horror/splatter vibe perfectly - creaking doors and squeaky floorboards. Acting is solid throughout with some really committed performances - especially at the end. The story is classic horror and has notes of "Get Out" and "X" to it. So nothing truly surprising with it and as you would expect there's an untastefully gross ending to round it out.

Probably will do quite well in Dunedin so great job!

Loved this film. The setting was great, the location at the old villa was very appropriate. The sound effects and the actors made the film very scary, it had me scared. Well done Mayodaze!

Excellent cinematography, and that location was top-notch! Really enjoyed this film.

Immediately setting a morbid tone with a bleak decrepit house and uncanny valley no references needed hire, the stage is set for the tension to escalate and this film to creep the hell out of us by the end of its runtime in an homage to Ti West and Tobe Hooper.

Really nice sound design, and performances were excellent in selling your horror movie.

But for me the elephant in the room was that mean spirited, that escalated quickly let's kill woman in a 48 film shocker ending, that also combined with some rough audio peaks that took me out of the moment. Sure, that's what you were going for, and technically you nailed it, but I just personally can't get on board with a 48 film that starts dark, hints at a woman being in danger and then just delivers on that to creep the audience out/make us feel ick.

The unobtainable reach for everlasting youth was a theme I could have got on board with had it been backed it with narrative threads that made the villains relatable. Technically so good, but one third of the film was not my cup of tea.

This is by far my favourite film in the Dunedin heats.

Go Moyadaze!!!

A young lady looking for work and by chance has landed a job, hired immediately with a place to stay. But as warnings starts to pop up in every angle to her unfortunate luck... she learns really fast.

From sequence to sequence, it was polished and smooth. Cinematography in this was fluent, it actually was really well put together. The framing was well done too.
The acting needed a some tidying up and I believe it was the ADR towards the end that didn't convince me.

to leave on a positive note, I loved the foreshadow of the water shot when it was brought up again at the end. Well done. simple story yet executed really nicely.

can't wait to see more from you guys :)

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