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by Couch Kumara

Garrett plucks up the courage to propose to his girlfriend at her 30th birthday party.


Another quality entry from Couch Kumara.
Wonderfully absurd and hilarious to boot!

Quality production is to be expected from the CK team - and they delivered another mic drop BOOM!!!

A great tale of the lengths one goes to when they're love blind. And a really mature take on the splatter genre.

The practical effects were so great. Like... make you queasy great.
The lead pulled us in with vulnerability and held us in full tense mode through his time in the tub. Such great commitment

IMO, A late story turn or unexpected twist would have taken this film into perfection level.


Really impressive. I cringed so hard at the bathroom scene, and a " Evil Dead"
kind of cringe at that.

The acting was surperb, prosthetics was next level.

What made me love the ending act was when he made his way to the group outside... with the state that he was in, it reminded me of scary movie one when brenda was moments from dieing in the cinema.

the audiences targeted emotions to the side characters emotions being different just makes it that much more hysterical.

Guy "spilled his guts" for love" and the dog was just the icing on the cake.

"Hey, get out of it!"
disregarding the fact that dude was told to wait till tomorrow to talk about as he passes on...its just layers of comedy.

brilliant guys.

Wellington just kills splatter everytime, never dissapoints.



RS Productions.

What the hell guys? How are the rest of us genuinely supposed to compete with you when you put together a superteam in 2024 with Conor Cameron and Rosie Howells coming in and firing on all cylinders for these competition legends. Bloody brilliant, outrageous and absolutely a mic drop for gore in the competition.

But better than that, you let your outrageous stomach churning splatter actually drive the perfectly rounded story. You've proven you can do it all from beautiful films, clever and weird and everything in between. I applaud you for just going so incredibly hard at the genre and at basically telling every other team "come at me bro!" and delivering quite probably a knockout punch here. Wow.

The film tells a very funny tale of a Saturday night gathering for Rosie Howell's character's birthday. Her partner sees it as the perfect night to celebrate and strengthen their love and so prepares himself to pop the question.

Only the diamond ends up being swallowed and there's no way this is getting shitted out any time quickly, so out comes the razorblade to dish out the sign of his commitment and affection whilst mutual friends talk about hunting and Southland.

The gore here is absolutely out of this world; I'm talking believable intenstines, livers, blood and kidneys all pouring out of our poor lead who is so lovestruck that the concept of bleeding out doesn't cross his mind let alone his stomach like his razor sharp tool in hand does.

It's all beautifully mixed and contrasted with the oblivious party goers in extremely well shot night time footage that gives the film such fantastic balance. Really great edit and use of folley there. The use of a white shirtt for Conor Cameron was a really nice touch to make everything visually pop as well as squelch in the bathroom. He puts on an absolutely stellar performance.

My only very minor nitpicks are probably the anatomy in certain segments, but when you match cut a sliced sausage with body organs coming out...well, this genuinely will be hard to beat.

For me the ending was the icing on the cake. Both the resolution for the couple and then the cleanup of the gore were just too good. Amazing stuff Couch Kumara.

What a great film! The effects were simply outstanding. The script was really good, and the acting was top-notch. Looking forward to seeing this one a few more times!

A short film so good that I tell people about it in conversations. Easily my favourite 'Splatter' of the comp so far, loved the commitment to one (frankly inspired) central concept, and storytelling with subtlety and depth alongside the big chunky beats. Deserves a place at the finals, surely!

Couch Kumara make consistently very strong films. See if you can find one where they screw up? They just don't.
This is no exception. How they achieved this in 48 hours is incredible.
A simple, ish, storyline, with a tight script and strong acting, supported by great special FX, results in a worthy finalist and almost certain national finalist.
Funny, moving, and gross in equal parts, 'Gutted' is one to watch (but it's not for the faint-hearted).

'Gutted' is built on a ridiculous premise, but man, it delivers some comedy gold! They nailed it out of the park with their Splatter genre, contrasting some jaw-droppingly-funny guts and gore with the mundane small talk of a nice evening dinner party. It's rare to see a film in this competition make everyone laugh so consistently - but from the minute the bloody action begins, the comedy gold doesn't stop until it's over, with a fantastic and simple end that frames the entire story perfectly with a fun twist. A well deserved national finalist (and a strong contender for the overall winner IMO) and I can't wait to see what they cook up next year!

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