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by steelpotato

The apple is the warning. We hope you enjoy the film :)



A beautiful, emotional and sensitive adventure, even if it is at times confusing and seemingly distracted by red herrings.

The smooth opening shot fills you with dread, and the second character is quickly introduced through action, to justify it. The camera crosses the line here but keeps the same momentum, and the smooth movement-match cut successfully avoids disorientation. An apple left behind establishes a mystery then confirms beyond doubt that powerful magic is afoot. Rightly, the apple becomes a motif, representing life-force and Kaylor's strange special ability. A pretty solid opening including an exit (tick) and setting in play the driving action of the film (they are on the run - but do they love each other, yet?)

The sound is pretty quiet in several dialogue scenes to follow, although admittedly the distant wide shots wouldn't have made it easy. In later close-recorded shots there is some light distortion, and the sound is at least consistent between shots, so maybe that could have been tweaked to a higher level in post. When the sound-effects come, they seem a little loud by comparison and that exposes that they're synthetic.

Was that a director-cameo? Traveller introduced and immediately gets zorched. But this power is never used again, that's a missed opportunity I think. The moment he's vanquished (and the practical effect, and the camera treatment) are subtle and sweet. If that had been used again in an emotional climax, it could have raised interesting ethical questions for the protagonists.

This film has several examples of choosing great accessible yet dynamic locations and what a big difference they can make for the sense of drama in a film. Silhouetted adults arguing with a well-lit child in the background of a tunnel highlights the growing rift, reinforces the "run" theme and keeps and mystery alive.

I do think, however, that the characters never quite cross the line into "likeable" which prevents me from being fully invested in their success. Even when someone is mourned later, I didn't feel like I'd been given enough warmth to have grown attached.

It's nice to see visual-effects that also affect the colour of the general light in a scene. It's a simple touch but really helps to sell that the effect exists within the world the characters inhabit. However the return to the starting location may not land for all viewers since it has changed so much, and it negates some of the sense of being "on the run" since they just returned their distance to zero. Are they still on the run, after that?

Getting water from an outside-tap is another example of an accessible and beautiful location which does some heavy-lifting for the storytelling without needing dialogue. The relatively quiet moment helps to break up the arguments and exasperation we've gotten used to by this point. But there is more to Taylor than meets the eye - she tampers with one glass of water! Who gets it? A critical continuity error when the characters drinking the water together makes that complicated to tell for certain. I wasn't 100% clear on who she was trying to affect with the solution (it really could have been anyone), and the glass handed to Taylor CHANGES between shots! However only Kaylor is shown drinking, suggesting it's her who has been affected (presumably poisoned, since she can no longer be "returned").

So I'm surprised to see Layla comforting Taylor and even saying "sorry" - surely hers is an unforgivable sin.

The shots of the moon could have been better composed. They show that it's night time, sure, but the beach was so lovely and you may as well chew the scenery!

The beach is beautifully shot but I'm not sure that what happens there (or why) is really explained, so there's a resolution but maybe not a totally satisfying one. At this point I'm also left questioning why Layla always carried a tomohawk??

Props for having dignified credits, well-fitting original music, and scenes during all times of the day (even Sunday morning??). Good on you for bravely attempting a complicated story, even if I'm not smart enough to fully get it (and I think there were some good cards left unplayed), and for interpreting "lovers" as such a non-standard family unit (that's fresh but no arguments from me). Easily one of the best films in the heat, and created by one of the legends of the community - Steelpotato!

I especially looked out for this movie to repay Dave’s generousity. He's kind enough to give us reviews every year, and as newbies they really help us improve.

The camera work in this film was very good, and I enjoyed the cinematography, there were some really beautiful shots. Also, some really good location choices. Particularly loved the tunnel shot and the use of lighting there.

The story was slightly confusing, but I liked the apple motif and came to a sort of differential apocalyptic conclusion based on the apple being eaten, then replenishing.

The acting was good, and the youngest actor was a pleasure to watch. Well done to her!

The only issue, really, was the sound. It was so quiet in parts I missed some of the dialogue, which maybe would have helped me understand the story better. But it certainly wasn't hard to watch.

I was so excited to see steelpotato was in the same heat as me this year! He does so many reviews and particularly his review of my first ever 48 Hours film was so encouraging that it was the cherry on top of the whole experience.

The cinematography! Gorgeous - that shot on the beach? Chef's kiss. I loved the apocalyptic tones and the supernatural moments with the apple and the leaves. The opening of the film was particularly potent, succinct and intriguing - I was immediately hooked in. However, the dialogue was a bit quiet which did make the story a little difficult to follow but as TeamSolita said - it was definitely not difficult to watch.

I look forward to seeing steelpotato's next film!

Wierd and twisty with some killer effects.

That line is for those who don't want to read more than a headline:)
Was super excited to see a creation from the legend @steelpotato. After reading so many well thought out and articulate reviews the anticipation was high for what creation would spring forth. And happy to say - was captivated. From the first shots in the hallway with the apple it set a perfect tone which the film stayed with the whole way. And, unlike many 48hour films, felt this took us on a complete journey rather than just a skit. Totally applaud the film makers for that. And many of the troupes that teams fall into (single location - too much reliance on gags) seem to be intentionally avoided to the benefit of the film!

Pros - cinematography, death effects, multiple locations, complete story (yay), commitment to a heavier story + cameo from Dave:)

Cons - this year many teams seem to be using swear words instead of finding creative dialogue and it's feeling played out. Or maybe I'm just getting old:)

Overall a worthy film of your attention:)

Yessss... Go Dave and his team!!

A couple stumbles across a girl with no name, no attachments... but we learn and accept.
We open with greys and blues. The apple maliciously desipates, in a very artistic way might I add.

The representation reminded me of "Eagle vs shark" by the end of it. As we leave the room, were introduced with said lover and their interactions while suited to fit todays conversation and it also matched the uneasy low angles which translated into the later acts.

I'm going to put it bluntly... fucking nailed that match cut. My fiance also agrees.

There needed to be a little bit more folley during/after the forest sequence and there was one awkward cut where the continuity also displaced the characters. but these moments were brief.

I also like to point out about the visual ..
because of our time crunch we all know how long it bloody takes to do even one sequence with VFX, and boy were yours amazing.

To summize, good take on the genre. You were also able to fit in End of the world and supernatural in the mix and It was like a smooth scotch for me.

awesome work team STEELPOTATO

Thank you guys reviewing so many teams :)


RS Productions.

A steelpotato film!! Really enjoyed this! A great concept and well told story. Nice cinematography and a smooth edit. Locations were also great - especially liked the tunnel scene. Great work, can't wait to see what you do next time :)

So bloody cool to see a film from our beloved steelpotato and his team! The cinematography and editing were stunning. An epic journey of emotions right here. Awesome work!

A steel potato film! Rare.
I think this film has the building blocks. Steel potato has figured out all the tricky bits of making a 48 hour. Story, camera, sound, location is all there.. which is more than most 48 hour teams manage. I'd like to see more polish on each element next year and I know there is some whacky out the gate idea down in that great brain of his I'd love to see Dave latch onto and release into the world.

I was super excited when I saw steelpotato was making a film this year, after so many years of appreciating his reviews in order to help refine my own craft! So I made a special effort to catch this heat so I could see the film.

I wasn't disappointed! Although there were a few technical issues with sound and so on, I thought it was a great, ambitious piece. The locations chosen were beautiful and well-shot, the opening shot was great, lighting and color were used effectively to set the tone and mood of the various scenes. The silhouette scene, with the contrast between the adults and Kaylor was very cool. The team did a great job of creating the apocalyptic deserted world feel. I was surprised to not see a cinematography nom, as I found it very beautifully shot.

The young lead actor was fantastic, and the performances all around were great too. The story was complex, and the film perhaps suffered a little bit from a lot of symbolism, in terms of being easy to understand, but I felt like it was more... thought-provoking about what it might mean, rather than confusing or with holes. Symbolic is always hard in 48Hours because you have ideas, film what you think will convey it, then cut it together and hope it does, but you don't really have time to go back and make things more clear by the time it comes together. It felt easy enough in my mind to follow it in a way the symbolism made sense to me, and I liked the connection between the apple at the start and the end.

Also great to see a wee cameo from Dave himself! Overall an enjoyable watch, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what this group of creatives comes up with next, with more time up their sleeves!

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