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Eternal Bond

by Crowded Shower

What would it take for friends to become lovers? And how would they be viewed by others? Get glued to your screen while finding out.


Lots of laugh out loud moments watching this one in the heats! Great story and very enjoyable acting. Nice one team :)

This was simply hilarious, a great example of a 48 hour film holding its own without needing fancy technical elements/equipment. Our whole team really enjoyed this one. Well done!

A no dialogue film is extraordinarily difficult. This film embodies what a 48 hour film should be. Brilliant.

this gave me charlie chapman. much like a black and white film our focus is primarily the characters actions and set.

I gagged at the door knob part and the exaggerated laughing was so theatre. Gave me a flash back to my roots.

Nailed the genre, elements of neighbour and exit really tied in. The extremities toward the end is so part of our culture.

We want original, We want crazy.

and correct me if I'm wrong, the MCs goal was to finally connect those two peices together but rather he connected with something greater.


but not lovers.



RS Productions

The Tramp circa 2024. Great physical comedy fellas-- way to leave it all on the field!

As always I love this team and the wacky adventures they put out for this comp. "Poultry Pounder 3" is STILL one of my most watched 48HR films.
Loved the no-dialogue approach here and the slap-stick humour. Very Benny Hill in style too and Murphy's Law very much in action. Nice use of the match-cut and just a fun, fun time overall.

More please because you never fail to make me laugh and your two fingers up to the offended brigade is always refreshing.

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