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Higher Connections

by Loner Productions

Drug dealer Hamish forms an unlikely friendship with socially awkward James. But when Hamish's sketchy lifestyle jeapordises their 'budding' bond, he's forced to choose a path.


Unbelievable music! And great production. Lovely use of elements. I was sort of hoping that James would find a new path in life ;-)

Wow. What a great film. The cinematography and acting was top notch. The journey was smooth and building to such a great moment.

Which leads me to my one gripe which is just a personal preference. Films which don't have a WOW ending can undo the great work that comes before (I'm more guilty than anyone else of this) and the ending didn't really have a have that surprise value that stays with you.

I say this with peace and love because the rest was beautiful and a really strong film in the region!!!!

Loved this film! So well put together. Great job! Still singing the song...

Loved this film! So well put together. Great job! Still singing the song...

This film had me hooked and laughing out loud from the start. Loved the music & the cinematography and edit were beautiful. Well done team, awesome result!

High connections.

Introduction was straight to the point- the main subject of the film.

It was really impressive with the first three shots of the film because it tells us the concept of the story and what this guy does for a living.

The music is queued in at the start, simple score and added on top, a group of singers that fun have relevant lyrics to go along with it. The tempo of the track help soothe in the transitions from sequence to sequence.

just a slight goof where you can see the friend waiting behind the door before the MC knocks on it. I'm also not sure how he knew where the neighbours house was and why he needed to go there. Felt like there needed to be extra dialogue or a sequence prior to this.

But other than that, my favourite part of story writing is when two very different characters come together by chance.

and because humans can be different from another theres always a place for support
the more open we become, the more we release theres can be a better version of ourselves.

overall, this was definitely well done. Framing was good, music was timed to perfect. acting was a solid and one to remember.


RS Productions

Catching this film again at the BOP finals was a treat. Picked up some extra gems missed on the first viewing and the song will stick with you well after those credits roll.
Cinematography is as beautiful and so well directed.

This team came out of the blue and blew us away. A team to keep an eye on for sure!!

Those bags of skunk look suspiciously…. convincingly real…. lol. Great film. Your lead actor looks and remind me of Alfie Allen. Te Moana. nui a Toi produce some heavy hitters. Well done guys.

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