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The Breath of Death

by Nutty Mosquitoes

A young boy is kidnapped and forced to lead his captors to his grandfather's hidden gold. Things don't go according to plan.


I found it quite amusing early on in the heats seeing this film and Common Scents from Papaoiea in New Plymouth on successive days both with very similar BIRDBOX/PREDATOR inspired storylines. But funnily enough they were the only 2 to really take that angle in the whole of NZ. Apologies for starting with a comparison to another team, just I personally felt the similarities were eery.

Cinematography was really nice here, and big props for getting outside to capture this hunt for treasure that was guarded by an invisible creature. I have it noted in my review book that the on screen performances were really strong in terms of body language and expression. The script was not particularly detailed, but the focus was on tension, feeling and mood, with sound design also really strong.

I also appreciated that you had a kinetic film with nice steady shots throughout. Great use of heartbeat too, just the big issue was a lack of originality in the story.

Story: 2/5
Technical: 4/5
Elements: 3.5/5
Overall: 3/5

This is a well paced and very competently put together film. So of the editing techniques in here are really well executed and the tension was perfect for the setting and story that was being told.

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