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Demetri's Law

by Squint Eastwood

an all-or-nothing roller coaster ride of justice


Whilst I would have loved a fourth appearance of Dazza and Bazza from Squint Eastwood in their 2024 crime entry, I'll just as happily accept a sci fi inspired pisstake on strippers, police, red dwarf, dr who, flash gordon and everything in between. Broad shouldered daddies have been put on notice!

A fantastic script combined with tremendous visual gags propels Sam Harris's film here as a uniform wearing protagonist gets abducted and taken on an otherwordly space adventure complete with poo humour and anthropomorphic felines.

First film in the Wellington heats and yet I'd be surprised if we see as many clever match cuts as the moon to moon on display here.

Really killer sound design, this was a kitchen sink romp of an adventure that hat the live heat audience reacting big time. Well, more than a kitchen sink as it turned eagerly awaiting the promised epic escape scene please.

If I was to be critical, I'd wonder if it was ever so slightly too chaotic, and maybe some animation could have been a little bit smoother... but hey, it's 48 Hours.

Anyone who does an animated film in 48hour needs their head looked at.

I can't comprehend the undertaking.
And Squint always produces the goods. 2022 was a highlight to see the humour unfold in their film.

This year I was pleasantly taken on another chaotic journey with some hilarious moments and great character moments.

Didn't hit me as hard as previous entries but it's a great peice of film art and all should watch it!!!

Yes... Squint Eastwood!!

Love your films.

Did not expect the pants drop.. there's something about an exposed butt is just so darn funny.

Yes as steel mentioned... the sound design is amazing and the effort to animate but to both colour and throw in engaging expressions makes this short so stellar.

Good twist at the end too



RS Productions.

Squint eastwood is consistently strong. Everyone expected Dazza and Bazza 3 but we were rewarded with something better. Very impressed to see live action elements integrated this year and get a glimpse at who may be behind the squint eastwood alter ego.

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