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by Temporary Estate


Im in two minds about this film. On the one hand it told a simple and effective story.
On the other hand the storyline and twist was very familiar and during our watch party someone picked the twist within the first couple interaction.
That said the cinematography complimented the films mood perfectly and it was concise and easy to follow.
Congrats on the win:)

A mum gets up whilst the dad lies in bed, picks her baby up out of the crib, takes the baby down the hallway and makes herself a cup of coffee and 'wakes up'. I've called out other teams this year but boy oh boy, taking the first 58 seconds to get to that point was just painfully slow. It's just a personal bugbear of mine after many years of watching this comp to see teams wasting time on waking up, getting ready for the day etc.

Things did pick up from there with an adorable bubba then immediately lighting up the frame with a wonderful smile and giggles, offering a strong contrast with the large amounts of dead flowers on the table which gave a pretty obvious foreshadow for the shape of things to come, but was shot beautifully. Did the team need to spend so much time on the initial setup? Maybe. But even if plot essential it doesn't change the pace of the film.

Definitely some strong universal themes covered here. Most of us want a nuclear family to work, as raising a newborn is incredibly tough. The performances were also very good at conveying the weight of exhaustion that the young parents must be feeling. The team also played this very seriously which is rare in 48Hours.

Film looked really nice, and for once shooting in a house made sense. The grade was on point witht the slight blue tint of sadness.

For me this was a good film, not a great one, and the main reason was that there just wasn't enough meat on the bones of the story to elevate it. I might get shade thrown at me here but parenting is tough, and solo parenting is arguably tougher. Also for me the twist was obvious and I want original engaging stories from this comp not just those that are well shot and performed covering home truths.

Having said that, congrats on your win in BOP.

Story: 2.5/5
Technical: 3.5/5
Elements: 3.5/5
Overall: 3/5

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