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Thicker Than Water

by Jovial Entertainment

Four greedy siblings gather to hear their wealthy father's last will and testament and are shocked by the unusual method of dividing the family assets.


This is how you do splatter without just spraying the usual blood around everywhere. Super clever!

All the characters are pretty cliché but that matters not - they're all dislikable and so well cast and acted. All the tech is spot on, it's well written, the comedy is on point, each "disqualification" so good, and there's a nice little twist at the end.

So well done, great fun and instantly rewatchable. Surely this short will go a long, long way in this comp.

Top-tier stuff. Especially impressed with the tightness of the script and the edit. The film somehow curls a LOT of characters and a knotty situation into a tight fist and punches out a bloody whopper of comedy chaos. Excellent.

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