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Lil' Bro

by Jovial Entertainment

A dire situation and the curious contents of a carrier bag force two brothers to put aside their differences and work together to survive a vengeful crime lord's fury.


Nice work Jovial! Very impressive choreography and action. Simple story but so well executed and well paced that it didn't feel like it needed anything more. Nice pay off at the end :)

Always a pleasure watching a Jovial Entertainment film. there brand of action and comedy always sit well with me and i look forward to their films every year. This one was no different. a cool buddy film about two brothers escaping a hostile situation. the Acting was great and the main action star was handsome and buff. great eye candy. some good action set pieces with cool gun effects and a great sugar glass bottle prop.

when you have a room or a warehouse location, with similar looking boxes and scaffolding. its hard to set up your geography especially for action sequences. it was hard to track how many goons there were and in what direction their prize was. it made some of the action hard to follow.

great film overall loved the back and forth between the leads and the action was fun.


Loved it! Watched online so I went back and rewatched it immediately. So cool to see an action film in 48Hours. A real breath of fresh air after seeing so many films just set in a kitchen or house.

A fun, well-executed buddy action short! The hunky lead, in particular, makes a starring turn as a Bruce Willis style action badass and I also really enjoyed the scenery-chewing (or smooching) villain. Very impressed with the FX and props which always looked and felt realistic, which is not always the case in 48hour films. Short, sweet, funny and to the point. Well done Team Jovial!

A couple of brothers sit tied to a chair as a Mr. Big type villain tells his henchmen to make them suffer for doing him over, leading to a shootout in a cardboard box warehouse.

I liked the little flourishes of character that you gave. The one with a penchant for taking blind risks whether through his pistol or reliant on luck with card games, made things make perfect full circle sense to the "done me over" anger prior to the ordered execution by the villain in the beginning. I appreciated the closeness of the brothers through visual motifs throughout and ultimately their trust in one another.

From a cinematic point of view this had the real possibility with a lesser team to come across as plain or bland, yet you somehow made cardboard boxes give the film more depth, with the key element I think there being the slight red tints of lighting you were able to superbly provide.

Editing was solid, fx were good for 48, sound was really good, and playing things straight for the most was a nice mature change of pace from this team compared to their previous efforts.

But I do have some areas of concern with the film. I've brought up Mr. Big so far, I've brought up your minor touches that gave the brothers a connection, but to me the issue is that your villain was a stereotype and your familial connections were just that, minor. Because of having what I felt were largely flat characters I personally found it difficult to develop a connection with the story. I felt we got close with the blind shot, the reason that wasn't quite a home run for me is that the aftermath seemed a little throway. I'll give you the ending, that was a funny twist and provided a reframing full circle resolution. Just with story being king in this comp I'm not sure this was original enough as it could have been, with a lot taken from LETHAL WEAPON.

Story: 2/5
Technical: 4/5
Elements: 3/5
Overall: 3/5

Super well shot. You could have fooled me this was done in 48hours. WOW. Cinematography is top notch. Editing doesn't miss a beat. The only thing missing would be a deeper or more original storyline. Apart from that Superb.

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