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Eight Thirty

by The Mismatched Misfits

An ordinary office worker attempts a desperate bid at securing his love ambitions culminating in their escape


A well shot, edited and acted film. The set-up is pretty good and certainly it's an amusing albeit ridiculous scenario. It's an interesting take on the genre to not actually show much at all of the lovers-on-the-run, instead doing a throw-away news voice-over at the end to perhaps tick that box.

Overall, well-executed but pretty light on story with the twist not as unexpected as no doubt hoped for.

What I liked:
Really well shot, tightly edited, all serves a similarly succinct story - a perfect pace for a 48Hour film. In fact pretty great on a technical front all around. I look forward to seeing this team come back even stronger in the future.

What I didn't like:
Oh boy - Gotta say I was really turned off by the twist here gang - Stealing the car is a funny rugpull but I was so distracted by seeing a man punch a woman in the face that it didn't really work for me. Perhaps I'm overreacting, but I've seen a lot of 48Hour films where woman's violence is played for laughs, and it all just feels a little too 2007 Family Guy humour for me - perhaps if he'd shoved her out of the way or bowled her over, I could have looked past it, but using such sensitive imagery (which the film itself clarifies as assault only moments later) completely removed me.

Something else I liked:
The acting, particularly from the lead, was really understated and mysterious - considering his true motives are hidden from even the audience, this was a good call on his characterisation.

Yo - what a great twist. Definitely didn't see that coming at all.

Definitely gave me a gasp moment when the impact came as was rooting for a a meet cute - but thats what I love, subverting expectations.

Mature film-making choosing to restrict the length of this as any longer would have needed to build more story to stop it from dragging. And instead it was simply, a Simple story told with great cinematography and clear characters.

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