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Screw The Pooch

by Horny Owls

In an inter-dimensional world, 2 strangers undergo a bizarre test with life or death consequences.


This is the most solid entry out of what I've seen from this year's com!!! Everything is in place, down to the hair and makeup. Where did they get that flowery altar???? A tight script that is constantly ratcheting up the tension, with a final climactic moment where you have no idea what's going to happen, all tied up with a great gag for the end. Great acting, each performance distinct. I loved it!

This is an awesome entry I have ever seen by my niece….Excellent location everything is in place, down to the hair and makeup.
Amazing acting dialogue, scripts.
Very tight. Love the way you enjoyed your acting, natural talent.
Very artistic individual , very creative and original and work well the setting allows for self-expression excellent.

Loved this one. Firstly, had probably the best performances in the heat. Cool concept, generated a lot of tension in a short time, and paid it off sufficiently at the end. Well done :-)

So great to see Horny Owls again with another really good film. I can't help but feel the story could have been simplified - the "rules" of the world weren't all that clear to me - but the excellent performances really powered the script and I very much appreciated how far the team stretched the Odd Couples genre.

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