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Oh Brother!

by The Foreigners

A man finds love in an unlikely place.


This film had our watch party in stitches, shielding our eyes and cringing in equal part. If that's not a glowing recommendation I dont know what is. "My favourite film of the region" - Kerence Stephen, Production designer Great Lake Film Society.
Great work team.

This gorgeous wee film really tickled our team. The cast were adorable the story cute as and it was a joy to watch. Loved it!

Went places I really did not expect it to, as a convenience store crush first of all starts very cutesy with the girl giving extremely heavy hints to the point of even directly asking the guy she likes out to the new local pizza place, only he has plans with someone you would very much not expect him to.

I love that you pulled the rug from under the carpet for us as viewers on more than one occassion. First of all with the shocking relevation of his nightly plans, and then showing how people can love anyone or anything ala JUMBO, only this time much smaller in scale, and more full of ink.

The fact that you were fully and I do mean fully committed to selling where you went is to be applauded.

A huge huge thing for me in 48 Hours is playing by the rules though, and whilst stock footage is ok if you have the rights, footage from one of the Lego Games/Movies as per 3m37-3m40 and 3m44-3m48 into the film most definitely would not have been. A real shame as it's personally a big downer to see that happen. Just be careful next time to make sure you have the rights to all the footage in your film.

But I don't want to end the review on a downer. Your performances were fantastic and comedy was gold. Well done.

Story: 3.5/5
Technical: 3/5
Elements: 3/5
Overall: 3/5

I only just read the review by steelpotato (about 6 months late, I know) and just wanted to say that the Lego animation was made by Jackson Pool, the actor playing the protagonist of the film, and is not part of any Lego movies or video games. Maybe still legally dubious since we didn't make the actual bricks ourselves, but definitely not straight up stealing footage from the Lego Movie.

Heavily doubt steelpotato is ever going to read this, but if you do, hope this resolves your major issue with our film.

-Luka Tomic, the writer, director and editor of Oh, Brother!

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