Grand Finalists announced

25 Jun 2018

Congratulations to the 15 Grand Finalists and all the nominees. There are still three Sir Peter Jackson Wildcards still to be announced.

Blood and Bone - Hero - The Wish Movie
Chess Club - Small Fish, Big City - Fish-Out-of-Water (ULTRA)
Chillybox - PepTok - Technological Thriller
Distant Rumble Productions…

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How do the Grand Finals work?

13 Jun 2018

As city finals wrap up we're getting lots of questions about how the Grand Finals work so we've added a Grand Finals Event page in city info where you can find all the answer about tickets, dates and find out who the judges are.
The Grand Finalists will be the…

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Behind the Scenes - Making a Musical

7 Jun 2018

Past Wellington winners - Couch Kumara landed Musical this year, a genre they have always wanted to get. They made this behind the scenes video of their 48Hour experience.

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Female, Solo and 16 years old!

6 Jun 2018

We always love getting feedback from our teams. We got this great feedback from Maria Shadbolt, the mother of one of our Wellington film-makers - Ilena Shadbolt from Queen Margaret College. We were super impressed with this young woman, she is 16-years old, completed the challenge solo and made a…

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Finalists and nominee announcements

22 May 2018

Are you waiting in anticipation to find out if your film has made it to the city finals?
Finalists and awards nominees will be announced in each region after heats have finished.  
We're also changing things up in the big centres - this year we will be announcing a shortlist…

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