2021 Genres and Elements (Postponement weekend March 12 - 14)

12 Mar 2021


The Mistaken Identity Movie
The Gross Out Comedy Movie
The Race Against Time movie
The Heist Movie
The Buddy Movie
The Possession Movie (doesn’t have to be horror - body swap etc)
The Real Time Thriller Movie
The Crime movie
The Superhero Movie
The Musical or…

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Regional / City Finals Tickets on sale.

11 Mar 2021

Presenting the top films from all of the Vista Foundation 48Hours teams in your region!

Come along and enjoy the sweat, tears, and talent that arose out of the one of the most unique and subscribed film competitions in the country.
After the screening, we will present the top filmmakers…

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Pre-launch Information for Teams - Weekend 2

9 Mar 2021

We are getting ready to roll into our second shoot weekend for the Auckland teams starting at 7pm on Friday! Here is some information for your team before you start.
Due to the Alert Levels, we will have an online launch starting from 6.30pm - 7pm on Friday 12th March,…

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Handing in your Films

6 Mar 2021

You can fill in the wrap-up form at any time during the weekend - it must be done before 7 pm on Sunday. You can find the wrap-up form here.
For all information about your file submission, you read this page.

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2021 Genres and Elements

5 Mar 2021

Object - Something Invisible
Your film must feature something we cannot see! Whether it’s an invisibility cloak, a ghost or any object a mime is using! Just because you need to feature invisibility, doesn’t mean your film has to be magical or science fiction remember - if you draw…

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