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Boy Meets Girl

by Cereal Killers 111 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

Boy comes in claiming he needs transforming so the two girls take up the challenge! Cue: extended wince-inducing leg shaving scene. Not sure if you quite hit the Z-Grade genre but this was an entertaining short with some funny/awkward moments that the audience lapped up. There's not a lot of story - basically it's an extended make-over montage but the smash cut/match cut worked well at the end. Something to work on: Audio! Get a microphone & make a boom pole so you can get cleaner audio.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Literal take on transformation theme chosen with an amusing waxing scene and walking in heels, however the story needed development

It looks like everyone had fun making this. You got a few chuckles out of me during the leg waxing and shoe gags. Considering you had females on the team im not sure why you decided to do charcters in drag. I also wasnt clear on any of the motivations of the characters.

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