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by Keewee Films 232 views


Default Avatar SLIMP_Productions

Brilliant! Absolutely fantastic! The film was made really well with amazing shots and audio aswell to back it up! the Idea was very unique and something I would have never of even thought of in that context of 'Cat and Mouse'. You guys definatly took a neat spin on it, and it defiantly stood out. Love how to Judge was like "Yes it moved me" yet it was a 3 year olds painting, priceless! Well done you guys, your whole team should be very proud!!

What I liked: good concept with an ending that I didn't see coming, the judges where funny to watch. For next year: the edit could have been tighter. with a shorter runtime the ending would have worked even better. also im not really sure you stuck to your genre. but I might be reading it the wrong way.

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