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by Generic Film Crew #007 178 views


What I liked. Good editing and acting and an intriguing story. This is also one of the only black comedys I saw this year that really took a good stab at it's genre. For Next yeah. Try to make your story fit the age of your actors. While I enjoyed your film a lot I was very aware that was was watching young people play older characters :) I hope you guys enter again next year!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A couple of mafia thugs see an opportunity to impress the boss by getting to the bottom of some missing coke. This had reasonable acting from the leads and some good humour mixed in with what was a very dialogue heavy short. Yes, the age-appropriateness of your cast is a major distraction; you have so many stories you could tell - why do an adult one? You could have done a very similar situation using teen characters. It's also a distraction when someone like me recognizes your location and then tries to imagine the plausibility of your story/characters within that world. I agree, you did a great job with the genre and it's not easy to pull off an effective black comedy. So, well done!

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