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You Ready For Space?

by PlanetFoxFilms 464 views


Default Avatar Kruizhero1

Great concept for the film. Very witty and delightful. Characters were great and the actors performed really well. The collision was great aswell

Default Avatar Kyal_7

I was so impressed by this! This could have done great in the main competition so be sure to enter that next year! I look forward to seeing more from you

PlanetFoxFilms have been doing good work and consistantly improving over the years. It seems they are at a tipping point now. This year they turned in a real Gem, the clear favorite of the heat. Sure, it still feels like a film made by kids, but its got story, humour and character that rises above the standard 48hours film. The ‘film made by kids thing’ is only going to fade with time and a really strong team will emerge. Keep your eyes on these guys for the future of the comp.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A guy has an alien for a girlfriend and she wants to take him to her home...planet! Good stuff this from PlanetFoxFilms. Nice opening shots, good acting, makeup and twist. Your dialogue is still a work on in places as it come across as a little forced/corny. Probably the best school entry this year - certainly in terms of consistency of product. And if there's a place for a school team in the final PlanetFoxFilms should fill it.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Guy falls in love with alien, explains to friend who helps him understand alien culture through comic book ... or so we think, a well shot film with a good story and the best alien I saw in any film and a great end

Solid performances in this one, especially from the dude with the glasses - he does so much to sell the goofiness of the concept. He's also just damn entertaining to watch. I thought the angle of 'getting to know your alien gf's culture' was cool, but nothing really came of it. The conclusion didn't follow through on what he learned - if anything - or of it being part of the aliens' grand master plan. So it ended up feeling more like filler. Great effort on the makeup and costume design for your alien though. Some lines gained some ace chuckles from me, too.

If Planet Fox Films don't make it into the city finals at least once in the next year or so, I will eat my hat. I watched this film after seeing two hilarious exerpts in the nominations during the city finals, and "No I don't want to go space Malcolm!" was such an intensely funny line, I knew I had to check it out. Great performances in this little movie, with the self aware young actors on the edge of cracking up at their own absurdity absolutely adding to the charm of the film. Keep it up guys, I'll definitely be keeping my eye on you for future films.

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