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by Rocket Boy Films 46 views


An intriguing film. I absolutely loved the shot of the ambulances lights reflecting on the number plate. A very smart use of resources there. Only thing I would say is that it felt like it was all over very quickly.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A woman out for a jog in the forest is compelled to follow a strange child. Based in a dynamic forest location this was well shot and sounded great. Story-wise it did have the feel of taking a well-worn path as the idea of the spooky child could only lead to one conclusion. Lots of walking around the forest extended this short out a lot longer than it could have gone - and that is perhaps its main problem; nothing really happens. Good attempt at a serious short.

Good Tone, Locations, acting and shooting. I got a little lost as to why things were happening, but i aprecaited the direction the film was going.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

A well shot movie following a women jogging in forest who a see boy and him follows to the car crash of that boy and his family boy a good short film however the background noise in forest is on a short loop and obviously repeats several times

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