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Hanging by a Thread

by Poets Never Prosper 132 views


Default Avatar J frog enterprises

My favourite film of the heat Well written good acting original take on the lovers on the run genre I hope to see this team again next year

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A story of friendship, romance, attachments and loss. Another short in this heat DQ'd for being late - the unforgivable sin. Despite this, a nice,meaningful short was created here that looked good and was nicely shot. There was some choppy audio at points and at other times it was so over processed for noise removal that it bordered on robotic. Plenty of talent here though so get your film in on time next year!

Lovely film. Some of the strongest visual storytelling i saw this year. Who ever came up with the concept please take a bow. My only advice for the future would be to try and find a better camera. Your strong sense of visuals wiould benefit from this greatly.

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