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Falling For You

by No Budget Ninjas 212 views


Very smart and creative humour. A good laugh the whole way through. The shifting white balance was a bit off putting, however.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A woman returns to a previous relationship in order to reclaim her toothbrush. She perhaps failed to recognize the gravity of the situation. Apart from some jarring white balance issues this was well shot, edited and acted. The premise itself is ridiculous, of course, although I suppose going back to get your toothbrush from a previous relationship is a symbolic gesture. The gravity bomb stuff was clever, well played & got a suitable response from the audience. Ticks a lot of boxes for judges but is one of the those typically only-slightly plausible-but-well-made 48HR shorts. Likely finalist.

Default Avatar Leoj

Brilliant. Finalists last year and you should be confident to see that happen again. Absolutely perfect use of the smash cut (also kinda like a match cut, throwback to 2015!).

Very Funny, and a genuinly great visual concept that the actors managed to pull off perfectly. Huge credit to them here. Story was good, not exactly strong but it serves the comedy of the rest of the film. The girl crying when she weighs herself was brilliant. A joke like that flashing past quickly was just perfect, great sense of pace and comic timing I was able to call the ending after about 20seconds, but that didnt stop it from being bloody funny. My Favorite of the Heat, and I expect we shall see this again at the City Final

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

A break up can be the end of the world if your dating a mad scientist a funny well made film that I hope to see in the finals

I get the feeling No Budget Ninjas were not quite ready to tackle action, and the way they pulled it off is what I love about this film. The central premise of a gravity bomb pulling everyone closer into the ground is not only a great way to get around the typical fast paced nature of action film, but it's a great concept anyway. Hilarious performances all around. Great job.

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