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One Drop

by Squire Films 116 views


Great visual jokes at the beginning and interesting concept of the man shrinking down. I feel the witch didn't feel to much like a witch during her conversation with the man, but more like just an old lady. It would've been interesting to hear some more deceitful dialogue from her, so that she tricks the man into taking the potion, rather than the man just being an idiot who would listen to some crazy lady. Also, a very good use of Comic Sans.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A very tall, balding older man feels that he doesn't belong in his body. He goes to a herbalist (witch) for help. Well shot, nicely written, good audio, nicely edited and a good example of a simple story told with humour and heart. Nothing to negative to say as it's a good solid effort from one of the regular 48HR enthusiast teams.

Squire Film’s do consistantly good and interesting work. This film followed that pattern. Nice clear story that makes for a fun take on the genre. Well acted all arround

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

A character doesn't 'fit in his body' seeks help from therapy and 'herbalist' with some so bad it was funny shots (flying and collision) but a good end highlighting the importance of following the directions on a bottle overall an enjoyable short film

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