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Kicking off the night with a fun and hilariously contemporary film about an all-too-real subculture in today's society. While your technical side let you down severely, the sense of humour of your story telling shows a lot of promise. So study up! Learn how to craft the technical side of a film, and you could see yourselves going far in the comp.

I loved the letterbox mattes and transitions- with a bit more practice you could get some real quick and snappy shots- especially with multiple mattes and clips at once. I liked your enthusiasm. It was a bit minimalistic for me- perhaps could have been enhanced with some snappy clips of the exchange student arriving in another country, like: Thanks for the references!

I enjoyed this film for what it was! Getting the references definitely added to the film, I thought that if you wanted to make a film like this you could've gone even further/more niche anime references. Not a winner in my book, but was definitely one of the funniest films (for me at least) of the first three heats, well done!

Liked the scenes with the pillow, the sword and apple, and the anime special effects. Loved the end scene with the blocking on social media.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

An excitable young man is asked at late notice to look after a Japanese exchange student. Things gonna go wrong! Now, even though I've personally spent a bit of time living in Japan I'll freely admit all the anime references in this went completely over my head. That said, I enjoyed the touches of humour I did understand from this group of ambitious film-makers. I thought the lead did a great job, as did the actor playing the Japanese student, who seemed to dig deep to fit the stereotype. Story-wise, things did get a bit slow through the middle (noodle eating) and your audio was over processed which created a very tinny sound in parts. This also caused a distinct lack of ambiance in the soundscape. You got a great reaction from the audience with your references and ending so well done!

This film was great! Really stylish and fresh. The final line was obvious but still bloody funny and strong. This team should be proud of their work. I look foward to future entrys.

Default Avatar Clarker

A unique window in the secret lives of weebs. Excellent directing and producing. Actors had beweebable motivations.

Default Avatar James Chang

Excellent technique and incredibly imaginative script, only thing to improve on is the lighting and some of the ambient audio.

Default Avatar SYC

Nothing short of Yatta.

Default Avatar Demi Coul

Close analysis of a plague on society through satire.

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