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The Ex

by TBALC 1,357 views


My favourite for the night, well done all round.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A catholic priest must deal with a woman possessed by a foul-mouthed demon. However, it becomes apparent that they've met before. TBALC show off all of their usual skills with this clever take on the Rom-Com - a genre they've taken on a few times now. "The Ex" is well-written, thought-through and developed from the title down. Naturally, the acting is top-notch, so look no further than the two leads in this for regional awards this year. Technically, it's also pretty strong, even if the colour grade leaves it a little flat looking. The genre is pretty much nailed with this too and it all wraps up with a twist in the tail. My gripes are few. Perhaps the language is a bit over-the-top and a bit overdone. Perhaps the talky nature of the film is a little too much "telling". Thus, while the relationship between the characters is fully explored; that is the film. Little really happens through the second act outside of room they're in, and we have to take their word on that what they're telling us, has happened between them in the past. We also have to be interested because some of their banter gets a little repetitive. Perhaps too, this gives a feeling of sameness to the film. The perception I had was that we viewed most of this from a static camera set up, almost akin to the excellent one-shot film TBALC produced a couple of years back. They're playing to their strengths though by doing this though and so again, it's hard to fault the approach. Enjoyable, funny, entertaining and clever. Expect to see "The Ex" in the CHCH finals and as a favourite to win it.

A typically brilliant film from TBALC very well made, great score, great cinematography, not much to fault this film on but I will try :) perhaps the AH-HA moment where the film really takes shape could have been played a little stronger? perhaps the tone could have been built up just a little more before we meet the girl. so that when it changes gears the shift is more dramatic? but then again what do I know, that may have hurt the film. my only other thing was that by the middle of the film we are being told a lot of things and not shown that much. It's a tall ask for 48hours but it would have been good to 'see' the things they are talking about. City finalist for sure. I look forward to seeing it again.

Some of what I enjoyed: Great performances by the two leads. Big laugh at the hand-motions for "Want a drink?" Probably my favorite part. Impressive backwards singing. Crazy concept and great execution. My only gripe is that the subject matter hits too close to home for me, personally.

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