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by Dad Pls Come Home 77 views


Even though there were sound issues the whole way through, from what we saw, this seemed more like a fantasy story than a black comedy - remember: stick to your genre!

What I liked: Made me laugh, good production design. - Perhaps this whole film would have worked better if it hadn't had sound issues at the start, ( I understand this was not the fault of the team) What to work on for next year: I'm really not sure this one counted as a black comedy. so for next year try to nail your genre a bit more clearly. - I really had very little idea what was going on with this film

This was fun but a strange fantasy theme and so I'd question Black Comedy. I know you had sound issues at the start that were not your fault, but then the voices seemed overdubbed and everso slightly out of synch - which I then couldn't work out was technical or intended! To be honest, if it was intended, it ADDED to the weirdness of your strange theme! Ultimately, if I am honest, I didn't really follow the plot but somehow still found it entertaining. Let's see a Director's Cut maybe??

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Two guys toss a ball to each other. A bee buzzes. One of the guys is transported to a forest. Odd fantasy characters emerge. Fighting and stuff happens. Much walking around is done. I'm sure a story was in there somewhere but it all got rather tedious. The sound issues were not your fault but I doubt your witty dialogue would have saved this story anyway. Fight scenes were well managed but not really a black comedy in my experience. See you next year!

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