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Somebody Someone Jos Morgan

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Self Rising!

Not as good as everyone is making out. Cool idea though.

Wheat, Myself and Rye

Absolutely brilliant.

The Impotence of Hard Times

Funny idea, the movie dragged on.


My favourite film of the entirety of heats 1, 2 and 3.

Pass Card

Lead actor was hilarious.

Paper Girl

Overall, just kinda boring.

High Spirits

I had a hard time understanding this one too.

Breaking Bread

The only buddy film I saw on Friday night that stuck to its genre. Good work.

The Park Bench

Of this heat, The Park Bench is one of the ones I liked most. The camera could have been of a higher quality, and the team could have spend more time working on sound, but overall it was a godo movie


Cool idea, could have been fantastic with better actors.


This made me really sad.

Good Until the Last Drop

Just another film I didn't understand...

Modern Romance

Hilarious, great match cut, not super memorable overall.

Gluten Intolerance

The best film of Heat 2 by far.


Even though there were sound issues the whole way through, from what we saw, this seemed more like a fantasy story than a black comedy - remember: stick to your genre!

Special Delivery

Best take on the Science Gone Mad genre of Friday night


Incredible, incredible... incredible.

Half the man I used to be

While highly entertaining, this one wasn't memorable by the end of the night. The final scene was a laugh though.

Harper's Curiosity

This film was absolutely awful, until the final 30 seconds or so came along and saved it!

Harper and Greta

A cute film, and very happy, but didn't end up amounting to much.