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Self Rising!

by Domino 168 views


Default Avatar lontramus

Very cute horror film, enjoyed it. Was a nice film to open up the heats.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

The disgruntled old lady next door offers a piece- offering to her thoughtless neighbour - a basket of lovely, home baked gingerbread men. But they're evil, I tells ya! Domino were a finalist in 2014 and have been entering the comp for awhile now, producing good looking, well-edited, polished shorts. "Self-rising" is another example of this with a quirky, albeit ridiculous, story-line that is well delivered by the small, familiar looking cast. For me, the pace was a bit slow and the arrival of the home inspector didn't add the tension I'd expected, for the situation that was eventuating. That said, he was a amusing minor character, who was well-played. Technically solid, although the camera did shake a bit at one point when the actors walked past. Comedy horror genre; nailed. I do, however, I did get a feeling of sameness with this film - Domino have created an almost episodic nature to their efforts by using the same location, actors and in a way, quirky "ding-dong it's the door with another problem situation" story-line for the last few years. Obviously playing to your strengths but time to branch out? Finals bound again....just maybe. I pretty sure I gave you my audience vote!

Enjoyed the concept, difficult to find originality in the horror genre but you have made a good effort. Shots were pleasing, it flowed nicely, but I feel like time was being filled during the electrician setup. One of the better films of the heat, got my 2 points worth of an audience vote.

Default Avatar MR MKB

A young man disturbs the old woman next door with his rowdy music. After asking him to turn it down, she gives him a basket of gingerbread men as a peace offering. But as person after person helps themselves to the little baked men, things start to take a turn for the bloody... This film was a nice, solid way to start Heat 3. I thought the acting from the lead actor did a good job, as was the man playing the electrician. Some good, legitimate laughs along the way from this horror-comedy. The film was nicely shot overall, with a nicely revealed surprise in the kitchen mid-film. The scenes in the attic in particular made for a very interesting location, and added some nice variety from the rest of the house shots. The puppetry of the gingerbread men was well done, and the use of frantic camera work really sold the whole piece for me. Clever thinking! Some very nice music and sound design choices along the way as well (particularly liked the whispering cookies!). I do feel though that this film dragged quite a bit, and took longer than it should've to get to the horror elements. The set up was nicely executed and clearly indicated an idea of what was to come, but it left the audience just waiting through more establishing scenes with the electrician. I understand this was a horror-comedy, I just really wish the horror elements were introduced earlier and a bit more prominent, and that they pushed their idea a bit more to a satisfying conclusion. All in all though, a great start to Heat 3!

Good idea but was lacking in a narrative but the acting was on point. Also there were parts that were very slow. Good job!

Default Avatar petesfriend

Favorite film of the heat. Was a bit confused about why the lady came round at the start. Really enjoyed the characters in the film especially the inspector and the gingerbread men. Great camera work too. Thought the story was a bit simple though.

Default Avatar holly.kate

Fantastic idea, executed much like the common genre tropes found these days. I guess that's the point, but there was no fulfilment from this short.

Default Avatar 4948

Love Domino's quirky films. Definitely a team to watch out for. I loved the whole story line, very creative and original. Well done guys.

Default Avatar James Williamson

You Had Me At Horror Comedy And Left Me Speechless. A Great Way To Kick Off Heat 3 With A Bang.

Not as good as everyone is making out. Cool idea though.

What I liked, The tone, shots and acting where spot on. all around this was a very well made film. the ginger bread men looked perfect. What to work on for next year: the ending didn't live up to the quality of the rest of the story. so unfortunately this one didn't go out with a bang. City Finalist? Could well be, depends how the rest of the heats shape up

Great way to start the heat. The gingerbread men were great, unfortunately they weren't utilised as much as they could have been. The acting was great, but it took a long time to hit on the horror aspects of the film and ultimately the pay off wasn't worth it. Great effort though and definitely a crowd pleaser.

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