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Paper Girl

by The Gentlemen's Agreement 341 views


Default Avatar lontramus

Overall a cute film and a good attempt was made but certain elements were missing from the story to help resolve it, I think personally. I absolutely loved the amazing papergirl effects/make up though, very impressed for a 48HOUR film.

A really nice film that was a lovely end to the night. Class was exhibited at the end leaving it as it ambiguous as to how the eventual meeting goes. An interesting concept that I think was explored to its limits in this film.

Default Avatar petesfriend

Nice effects and a very polished film. Storyline was too simple so lacked tempo. Great emotion from the male lead.

Default Avatar 4948

Cute film with great shots. The resolve could have been worked on, but I wouldn't expect anything major from a 48HOUR film. Sound was a little quiet, but that could have just been because I was sitting at the back.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

When a man's sketch of a woman he fancies comes alive, she attempts to give him the confidence to ask her real self out on a date. The great thing about The Gentleman's Agreement is that apart from their team logo (never change that!) they're not afraid to try out new things during the 48. Year to year they always change it up! Their challenge this year was to bring a paper drawing to life and they mostly succeeded. A number of Rom-com tropes were evident, most noticeably the ladies man friend who provided a number of funny, well-timed moments. The sketch effect itself was pretty well done, even if I did find the line down the nose distracting. The effect was missing on a couple of occasions however, especially from behind as I remember. A sweet story that did take a long time getting anywhere. I suppose by having the paper girl we didn't need to see the interaction with the real one as we already knew enough and what her reaction to him might be. So well played. Overall, another strong TGA effort!

Overall, just kinda boring.

What I liked: Strong visuals and a expertly crafted film. cool take on the genre, it was an ambitious concept but they really did pull it of with a great combination of practical and post production effects. as always with TGA the performances where great and kept me watching I wouldn't be at all surprised to see this one in the finals although it did feel like there was a lot of story left untold when the film reached it's finish What happens next!!!! (this could be another point to the teams credit though)

This was a cute film. Nice way to end the night. Great acting, nice looking and the paper effect was really cool. The ending was a bit abrupt for my liking and a bit of a build up for the end would have been nice but it was definitely one of the stronger films of the heat.

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