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Harper and Greta

by Pumpkin Productions 98 views


Default Avatar filmgorilla_rialto

This was so adorable, but like most of the films in this heat, it kinda droned on, and didn't go anywhere. It was super cute though. Just make it more interesting.

Default Avatar Perky_banana

This film was cute, but quite messy. A unique idea executed poorly. When I looked at the list of films it took me a really long time to remember which film this was because it didn't really stick out in my mind. The acting and the overall idea was cute, it just needed a stronger story line. The message at the end was a nice 'aww' moment for the audience and it had nice moments.

Things I liked: Nicely shot and edited the story as cute and enjoyable to watch. (I liked the literal trail of breadcrumbs) the character too was a great interpretation of the required trait Things to work on for next year. Watch that sound mix, the audio levels where a little inconsistent, the music at times was much too loud.

Default Avatar film guru

Poor camera work, editing and acting really distracted from an already unmemorable film.

A cute film, and very happy, but didn't end up amounting to much.

Default Avatar chawan

Was cute but there wasn't enough plot -the end was quite predictable- the audience solved the mystery early on.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

In this narrated story, Harper's normal routine is interrupted by a mysterious letter. He goes in search of the sender. Nice use of close-ups in this, well-scripted and good humour. The editing was nicely controlled for the most part but time did drag a little - when you reflect consider what could have been cut. The audio was pretty poor during the dialogue scenes often drowned out by wind. In addition there was camera & tripod noise on occasions which again took the shine off what is quite a sweet short. See you next year!

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