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High Spirits

by Bald Men Collection 351 views


Default Avatar filmgorilla_rialto

This movie was quite, um, cliché, at the start. But I feel like you should have done MORE. You could have made it so the pills made him a bad boy with slicked back hair and a leather jacket. You could have made it so they made him turn huge and angry like the hulk. You could have done more. There's no limits to film. The crazier you go, the better it is.

Default Avatar Perky_banana

This film lacked a real clear sense of direction for me. I found it hard to see the point of the pills... Turning a nerd into an even bigger nerd? Did they make him happy? Did they make him more confident? The characters were cute but I didn't really understand where she came from or who she was. He was this 'nerd' archetype and I wasn't sure how she fit into that. It had its merits, but it wasn't a stand out film for me.

Default Avatar videoamp1969

Nice shots/cinematography and colour at start of the film. I really liked the pill scene very good. Cool use of graphics for conversation. Music a bit loud in the kitchen scene, which drowned the dialogue a bit. Nice match cut, well done. The film had a good storyline that the audience could follow. I liked what was done with the colorization in the “boy gone mad” scene. I thought it should have placed, it got my vote.

Default Avatar OriginalGangsta

Parts of this film were unclear but I really liked it. I think there could've been more about the pill and what it did to give the ending more effect.

Things I liked: This was one of the best films in the heat. Great cinematography, slick editing and a wonderful performance from the lead. the story was interesting and moved along at a good pace. Things to work on for next year: I think the only weak point this team had was in the ending, a little more work on the the script on Friday night will greatly improve the quality of your film next year!

I had a hard time understanding this one too.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

An awkward young scientist finds confidence after creating a drug (suspiciously looking like an orange Tic-tac) that increases his ability to work at super speed & clarity and in turn helps him impress a young woman. Without a doubt, this was the most polished film in the heat, with a wide variety of shots, tight editing and nice use of colour. The match cut was effective as were a lot of the transitions. Some of the audio felt a bit distant at times and that unmistakable wind through the microphone distracted on one or two occasions. Dougal Frame did a great job in the lead role and I'm so happy that you cast age appropriate and told a story that suited your cast. Your render issue was barely noticed. Great job!

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