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Wheat, Myself and Rye

by CRAB CRAB CRAB 418 views


Default Avatar videoamp1969

Great intro. Funny with guy at the start, he had a good a sense of comedy. Some of the shots were a touch over exposed in places, but the shots were quite funny. There was some really awesome colour grading in places especially the bar scenes. Lots of WTF moments throughout the film like the guy in the bath with toast man! I really liked the soundtrack. Not sure if I really knew what was going on at times in terms of story, but maybe that was the intention. Some pretty cool cinematography in the bar some of the best of the night. This for me was a major highlight. Great match cut. The audience loved the short and it was very well received. Might even make the finals, its one of those type of films that would divide people you would either love it or not.

Default Avatar Film Reviewer

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this film. Well done.

I really didn't like this to start with, but the growth in the development was so well done I was grinning by the end. Technically a great film which was what I enjoyed. The story less so but I guess that was the point! Definitely a highlight.

Default Avatar lazza

I was crying with laughter. Crying. There were tears.

Default Avatar 4948

Terrifying, yet hilarious. It was incredible how much you incorporated the prop, the whole thing was incredible. Well done.

Default Avatar 39_Rialto

I don't even know what to say. This is the weirdest, most hilarious, most terrifying film I've ever seen. Hard to believe the whole thing was done in 48 hours. Props to your editors and the people who, well, found your props. The more I think about it the weirder it is, So well done guys.

Absolutely brilliant.

Default Avatar Josiah Morgan

what even

What I liked: great acting from the guy playing the bread (loved his expression) simple enough concept that the team really delivered on (gunning for that incredibly strange award?) What to work on: by the half way mark I felt like I wasn't seeing anything new. the short just got weirder and weirder. It looked like a lot of fun to make and clearly went down really well with the audience. It's obvious that the team behind the camera has an eye for good shots and editing, I would love to see this skill focused on a more "conventional" short film, but if they wanted to make a weird film this year they totally succeeded and who am I to tell them not to. :)

Default Avatar MistaTeas

This kicks off as a vlog with a guy with celiac disease who wishes to record his experiences after eating bread. As an audience we get transported into his trippy mind/alternate reality. CRAB CRAB CRAB have a certain style to them. They make great looking shorts, with a lot of technical skill that have a typical weirdness/surrealism to them. This short is no different with a great variety of shots, angles movement, music and motion effects. Colour grading is used effectively and characters like Bread Man give this film a real edge. However, it was absolutely a case of rinse and repeat. I get that we were to be part of his dissent into madness but by the third trip I'd seen enough of the same thing. Possible finalist for sure, so well done. CHCH final viewing: Played very strong at the final and was a stand-out as it had a real point-of-difference. Unlucky not to pick up a few more awards. Outside chance to by picked up at Nats.

Well done team, you certainly made a weirdly funny film here. Great cinematography both at the production and post production ends. Characters had the quirky element in spades Production design team worked to create some very weird characters Story - I know less is more (and vice versa) in film making, the lack of dialogue in the dream sequences didnt really help further much in the way of story. At least you didnt have any "loosing the USB disk under the dash" moments like last year. Hoping you get a nod for "bad taste" or "so bad its good" category.

I had you guys pegged for the top 2, but sadly the judges felt differently. That being said, the audience loved you guys, and I did too. The Mr. Bread costume is one thing, but on top of that the world you set up and the soul-crushing atmosphere that absolutely swamps the world of the film are impeccable. It takes a lot of skill to achieve this kind of stuff in a film and you guys did awesome.

Well, if you're going to deliver a cargo plane full of "WHAT?", you've gotta pilot it with plenty of moxie, and that's pretty much what CRAB CRAB CRAB did. For the most part. The warping of the music really helped to get that spiraling sense of crazy the film progresses to and Bread World becomes more and more like Silent Hill. The performances and the costuming aid it (especially Bread Man's highly unsettling face near the end), but with a premise as absurd as Wheat, Myself and Rye, I didn't feel it quite hit 'overdrive'. I was expecting Harper to suffer more consequences or go through some 2001 madness, but the conclusion kinda just settles down anticlimactically. But hey, killer song at the end.

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