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Special Delivery

by Christchurch On Air 276 views


Best take on the Science Gone Mad genre of Friday night

What I liked: Great take on the genre, very cool story that kept me interested up until the last minute. (I always wanted to know what was going to happen next) solid performances from the actors made this one of the stand outs of the heat What to work on for next year: while it was funny and crowd pleasing I felt the adult baby gag at the end really undercut the quality of the film.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A same sex couple are having a baby. The pregnant partner is rather demanding and miking it for all she is worth much to the annoyance of her partner and other family members. Fortunately there is a shake on the market that can induce labour. A plan is hatched... Plenty of funny moments in this coupled with plenty of tedious ones. Camera, audio, editing all generally sound. The birth scene went down well as they always do - but I just didn't understand why the new born was a fully-grown middle-aged man. How the hell did he come out? See you back next year COA!

An interesting story presented here that was quirky and different. I loved the use of stereo challenging characters so big ups there. Acting was rather bland and generic. Story was rather expected (no pun intended) Funniest (and weirdest) part was the ending

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