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Pass Card

by Everything Sticks 503 views


Default Avatar lontramus

This was a well put together "punchline" film. Plenty of good laughs scattered throughout the film.

Favourite use of prop from this heat for sure - once I realised what I was watching. Albeit a strange story (gum red herring?), the ending gave a hearty chuckle or two. Because of the lack of storyline in favour of some gags it is a little lower than some other films I found equally as humorous, nonethless enjoyed most of what I saw (although I think the screaming of "Harper" was a tad much).

Default Avatar MR MKB

Harper Harrison wakes up in bed next to a girl after a long night. He gets up quietly and heads for the bathroom, where he realises that the girl he slept with thinks he is someone else. I honestly loved how short and simple this film was. It formed a solid premise that we could get on board with, and built up to a very humorous punchline. The match cut of Harper Harrison towards the end was gold! Kudos for having the confidence to pull off such a simple, solid story. Technically it was nicely filmed, with a very impressive and effective shot of Harper at the climax of the film. The opening montage was as well edited as it was disturbing. Nice use of a French stick... Not much else I can say on such a short film, but good job guys!

Lead actor was hilarious.

What I liked: this film sure made me laugh. very simple concept but they really delivered on it. good visuals and a tight edit which made for a good pace. What to work on: I'm really stretching here but not a heck of a lot happened in the film which ultimately makes it somewhat unmemorable and not all that special in relation to the rest of the competition and a stacked heat.

AWESOME match dissolve in the beginning. I liked the concept and parts of it worked really well. Actors were all great, and the lead was hilarious. The reveal at the end that he wasn't how he thought he looked was an awesome joke. The trope in Mistaken Identity genre of the lead being mistaken for a celebrity is probably something I've seen a few too many times, but that's the danger that comes with such a niche genre. A few of the beats felt a little unclear to me, I didn't really work out what he was doing in the bathroom. I get he was pulling gum out of his pubes, but I thought initially that he'd peed into his condom (and that was what he'd pulled up after he peed), having forgotten to remove it before he'd peed. I think what doesn't work here is that the gum scene felt like a completely different story to the rest of it all, there was no organic flow from this beat to the next. We hadn't seen his lover chewing gum beforehand or anything like that. Perhaps that's why I assumed it was a condom because it felt like a more logical step. A lot of technical work on this film was wicked, as I said before the match cut was great, and the camera work was pretty awesome too. I think if you guys worked a little more on defining your story, you could be stronger in the future.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

Technically the editing was pretty slick though by the time the premise of the film became clear the film was over and the joke at the end didn't land very well I thought.

Genre: nailed it. Match cut: fucking brill. Laughs: a-plenty. Pass Card is a fun flick where the protagonist experiences the mistaken identity thread at the same time as the audience. Wonderfully written, beautifully acted. I really want to know - was there a heated discussion between a faction of the team that wanted to put pubic hair on the comb and those that didn't?

I loved the set up of the night club and returning home. I felt the next part of the film didn't progress the narrative as creatively as it could have, although the enjoyed the overheard conversation.

I thought this film was well put together and I liked the way it was short and to the point. It was great how 'Harper' was part of the mistaken identity thread too. I wasn't totally convinced that her actual partner would have been as calm as he was given that he asked what a pass card was, haha, but the punchline was pretty good. The gum was funny but seemed slightly disconnected from the other story. Funny use of prop!

Default Avatar videoamp1969

Cool scene at the start grabs your attention straight away, liked the soundtrack. Really nice use of the match cut, this looked really good, well done. Felt the bedroom scene went for a little longer than it could of, also it could have done with a little more lighting when the guy wakes up in the morning. Liked all the little comedy moments in the bathroom scene but also felt you could have cut the scene with the comb, I personally felt you didn't need that bit (although it fits really well with your team name!) Really loved the storyline of the pass card what a great idea, everyone has had that conversation at some stage and can relate to your idea. Great ending, well shot and edited. The main actor was very good and had some great expressions. Overall a really solid short and right up there with the best that Everything Sticks has produced over the years.

First of all, nice work on keeping it short! Getting more and more into nice tight stories for 48HOURS. Thought the start was great, with an awesome match-cut and well-staged humping. Like others, I thought he was pulling off a condom post-pee, which was odd, then realised it was gum. Does gum come out of pubes that easily? Maybe scissors instead of a comb... I liked the guy embracing his new identity and the girl seeing him again without the booze-goggles. All in all a nice simple and amusing short, good work.

I really liked the opening for this film - great use of bread! The bathroom scene seemed a little lifeless at times - more music would have helped, maybe a bit more story development or tension building. But some good funny moments, and great concept.

Default Avatar Frank Sabotka

Fun film with some great performances from the actors, liked the pov shots at the beginning and reminded me of that music video from the 90s. Thought is captured the mistaken identity genre really well and had a nice funny pay off at the end. The opening morning shot in the bedroom felt a little too dark for me but I am watching it on an ipad so it might be that. Overall a fun film that I really enjoyed.

A nice, simple, effective skit that doesn't quite nail the landing. But still entertaining thanks to a solid lead performance and chuckle-worthy moments - yeah, the gum-in-the-pubs got me good. The switch between "fantasy" and "reality" doesn't quite work at the end though, and the girl's final remark doesn't quite ring true to me, especially when she's been explaining the lead's "identity" to her boyfriend. I wish this short got more time to knock it home.

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